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Pname’s Introduction

Pname is a package name that is used to identify the primary part of the specific app or program used by developers. This can be where the “name” is the name of the app or the program on the hand free movie download. is a folder introduced on the Facebook ambassador app cell phone. This folder includes the home folder, citadel folders, and more of the folder. Each folder works for an alternate reason.

For Facebook, each app has its own package name and has “P-Names” name of its name. Facebook Messenger is, the Facebook app has the and the Facebook app is, whose name is the package name.


Example is the Yelp app whose name is on Android with com.yelp.Android. Basically, the package name, the value of is the duty of the official package. The P name is like a axis. Instead of writing a, developers can choose to reduce it on Pname, where the “P” package stands for and its name is the name of the app.

The name is always hidden

Yes, the package name is always hidden. Default, Apps’ package names are printed because users are not expected to edit it. However, follow the following procedure to display the app package name on your phone.

Go to your phone file manager

Click the More option for the top right

Click on the hidden files

All hidden files include all the package’s name for your phone, both of which you can edit and you do not have permission to edit.


The package Pname. app folder cannot be permanently deleted. The parent application is still running once the names of package apps are meant to automatically create. However, in order to completely rename the package, the corresponding app must be installed.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android

Pname com Facebook orca is neither viruses nor malware. Pname com Facebook is a envelope which can be made by Facebook applications to store the FB data on the display, for example, messed messages, visits, photos, emojis, and so on. .

He took me a Facebook error message on the Infinx cell phone about Penn com Multi-Month to solve facebook orca. Even with this post, I will prepare all of your resources after clearing the error on my Facebook account and re-opening all the minim messages.

There are so many fault messages to solve on Android telephones. This is Yakuda Blend only one of them. Auto restart issue on the most annoying Android Gadget’s most troubled problem. Lastly, I struggled with the re-launching this auto on the hot gadget Infinx and before it fully understood this problem, I spent about two weeks to manage the problem.

On the occasion that you have seen auto-reset errors on your gadgets, you often have a problem with potentially deliberate pain. This may happen, as in my next post, I will share with you well-informed strategy to determine the auto-restart issue on Android Gadgets, to investigate numerous investigations of infinite gadget.


Actually, here’s the main thing. You do not have to solve the problem of this problem. is not it? You can try with these lines to consider the problem on your gadgets. It works out!

Step 1:

First of all – Go to the “Settings” option, you are your telephone.

Step 2:

Next, go to the “Request” option.

Step 3:

At this time, tap “All apps” on your gadgets.

Step 4:

At this time, you need to find the “Facebook app” and try to clear the information correctly and you are finished.

This procedure should work and solve the problem.

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