Key benefits of VoIP phone systems for smaller companies

Phone systems are vital for businesses. This is just as true for small- and medium-sized enterprises as it is for larger ones. If your phones are not working well, it can lead to frustration, reduced productivity and even lost customers.


An in-house phone system can be a major investment. You need to ensure that it works for you now and that it continues to work as your business expands. For this reason, many people are now turning to the use of VoIP systems. This makes sense, as the entire phone network will eventually move to a VoIP model. By switching now, you can get ahead of the game.

More than cutting costs

One of the main reasons often given for switching to VoIP is to cut costs. If you are making a lot of calls – particularly if a proportion of them are to overseas destinations – using the PSTN system could be costing you a lot of money.

Switching to an international VoIP wholesale provider such as expect-international-voip-wholesale-provider/ can enable you to make savings on your call costs; what’s more, there are other advantages.

File:AVAYA 9611G IP Phone.jpg

The set-up costs are also lower. You don’t need a costly in-house PBX with its associated running costs; instead, all you need is an internet connection and some desktop hardware. Even the latter is optional, as you can make calls via a computer if you wish.

VoIP gives you more flexibility. A traditional phone system limits your number of available lines; however, as VoIP uses the internet instead, your call capacity is theoretically infinite and you can easily scale up as your business grows and you need to meet extra demand.

There are also advantages when it comes to the number of features on offer. Opting for VoIP hosted in the cloud gives you access to features such as voice mail, conference calling and call handling menus, all of which can help your small business to appear bigger.

Beyond the office

The world is increasingly mobile and staff are seldom tied to their office desks. VoIP can also help here, enabling mobile users and homeworkers to access the same business phone system. This means they can be contacted on their business number wherever they are; in addition, they will have access to all the tools they need.

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