9 Ways to Ensure Your Pay per Click Campaign Takes Off

If you’re not part of the online community spending 77 billion US dollars in ads, well, you should just close shop. After all, how do you expect to compete with all the businesses investing hard cash in cost-per-click advertising?

One thing is certain. They’re definitely on to something big. A pay per click campaign if done right will do wonders for your business.

The beauty about it is you only pay for it when your potential customers click on your ad. That’s the reason it yields the highest ROI compared to all other forms of advertising.

Below are some excellent tips to ensure your pay per click campaign takes off.  Read on and make them work for you.

1. Begin with the End in Mind

What do all successful PPC campaigns have in common? A clear vision. Identify what you want the end result to be. 

You want to rev up traffic to your site. So what? If that’s your only goal, then you might as well set the money tree in your backyard ablaze.

That’s simply not going to cut it. Your goal should be something along the lines of generating sales leads, increasing the number of active subscriptions or downloads, you get the drift.

2. Hit the Bull’s Eye with Highly Targeted Ads

Don’t be vague about either! PPC advertising allows you to define who will see your ads.

Why is this important you ask? Well, let’s put it this way. A happy hour coupon ad for a cocktail bar in Brazil isn’t really relevant to an 80-something-year-old teetotaler in Pakistan who comes across it.

Consider targeting your ads based on:

The Time of Day

Do the internet users you target typically access the web in the wee hours of the morning? Are they night owls? Are they usually online in the middle of the day? That way, you can set up your ads to run at a specific time.

The Countries

Using pay per click campaign management settings you can run your ad in multiple countries using an ad group for each. Alternatively, limiting your ads to one country is a viable option as well.

Micro-Geographic Targeting

This feature allows you to select a specific zip code within which your ads will appear. This is particularly useful if your business isn’t set up for interstate shipping.

There are lots of free tools available to help you effectively manage your ads.

3. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

The first impression means everything. Your ads should be captivating if you hope to gain any traction with your pay per click campaigns.

Remember, this is the difference between a potential customer scrolling right past your ad, and, the same customer stopping to take a closer look. Your headline should, therefore, be straight to the point, extremely descriptive, and, must include a compelling call-to-action.

Don’t forget to let them know what makes your product/service stand out from the pack. All these, in the fewest words possible of course. Less is more.

4. Incorporate a Powerful Call-To-Action

Let’s face it. A CTA is at the heart of any successful PPC. Now that you have the attention of your potential customer, you need to get them to do something and fast!

If you snooze, you’ll lose – and I mean this in the most literal sense.

Stay away from the conventional neon colored “Click Here” button flashing on the screen. I don’t know about you, but that usually makes me want to do the exact opposite. Get creative.

For instance, instead of using the generic “Download” CTA, you could opt for the more enticing “Get Your Free e-book today”. Using “Add to cart – Save 15%” instead of “Buy Now”, is more likely to get you a higher click-through-rate.

5. Your Pay per Click Campaign and Landing Page Go Hand in Hand

As you craft your ad, it’s important that your landing page be consistent with what you’re offering. As a general rule of thumb, never direct visitors to your homepage.

It’s more effective to direct them to an ad-specific page which has crucial information about the product/service that piqued their interest in the first place. Otherwise, they’ll get out of there faster than a bat out of hell.

6. Use Top-Performing Keywords 

Employing effective SEO techniques applies to optimize both website traffic, as well as, pay per click ads. One of these methods involves the use of keywords.

High-performing keywords generate impressions, clicks, and conversions. This is ideally what you should be aiming for.

If the keywords in your ads generate impressions but no clicks, or, clicks but no conversions, it’s probably time to go back to the drawing board. Effective pay per click management involves analyzing your campaign keywords frequently to ensure that they’re still relevant.

It’s quite a tedious process, to be honest. However, there are PPC campaign management experts close at hand to do the dirty work for you so you won’t have to. Read more to see what this entails.

7. Content PPC Ad Placements vs. Search Placements

Let’s face it. Choosing the optimal place to display your ads depends largely on your campaign budget. After all, isn’t the whole point of it for your brand to be visible?

Ensure that you customize your ads for each network. Bear in mind that content placements mean that the PPC ads will appear within website pages.

Search placements, on the other hand, appear in search engine query results. It is, therefore, necessary to tailor your headlines, keyword bids, and calls-to-action appropriately.

8. Keep Adding to the Negative Keywords List

This is by far one of the most essential of all PPC tips out there. Needless to say, you might end up flushing tons of money down the drain if you don’t set up your negative keywords list.

Search queries that aren’t in the least bit related to your business could trigger the appearance of your ads.

For instance, if your business deals with “brand new cars”, it might be a good idea to add “second-hand cars”, and, “used cars” to your negative keyword list.

9. Pick the Right Ad Extension

This is how your potential customers get additional information about your products/services. Site-link extensions are excellent for directing visitors to your landing page.

Call extensions, on the other hand, are a great way for your customers to reach you with just one click. Review extensions that direct customers to credible online review sites are one way to build their confidence in your offerings.

Parting Shots

Frequently monitoring, analyzing and optimizing your pay per click campaign will certainly guarantee a favorable ROI. The best part about it is, you can modify your campaign anytime you realize that certain elements simply aren’t generating the expected outcome.

Take advantage of these tips and make them work for you.

You can also check out these 5 steps to coming up with an effective SEO strategy for your website. 

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