Important Things To Do During Your First Year at the University


8 Things You Should Do in Your First Year of College


Things will messy and you will be busy adjusting everything to start smoothly. From your personal things to finances and course materials to the classes, everything will be on you. And they will be taking a test of your management and toughness as well as tolerance and coolness since many of them will not be fine. But apart from these basic things, there are some important things you should do that are generally missed or ignored.

Here they are:


  • 1. Make more friends


While you are busy arranging your space in the dorm or room, you should also create good relationships with students around you. Go beyond just making friends with those in your room. Your college life is larger than your room and you will need more friends to make things smooth. Find good friends from outside of your room or dormitory.

This is important because you will need them often while you are a freshman and not familiar with life in college.


  • 2. Have best friends


While you will surely need many friends from within your room or dorm and from outside of your room to get things going smoothly, having some best friends will be equally useful. They will be with you in your good and bad times, fight for you when needed, and will be there to alleviate your stress in adverse conditions Pname Com Facebook Orca.


  • 3. Work for financial support


The source of your pocket money and study expenses was your parents during your school days. But now you are in college and it’s the time when you are supposed to learn how to manage the things from your personal care to your finances on your own. Many colleges arrange campus placements and even provide on-campus part-time job opportunities. You can gain experience while earning that will be useful in your career when you go out to the real world free movie download  .


  • 4. Start studying early


It’s easy to get distracted and postpone study sessions when you are new to the college making new friends and enjoying the new experiences. Students generally take college study lightly initially. But this practice may bring unexpected problems later and cause a lot of stress.

So, if you don’t want to get in trouble and if you want to avoid stress, start studying from the first day. Attend every class without fail or if you miss any, make sure to get notes of that class from your friends so that you don’t end up studying late nights in the last few days of the semester.


  • 5. Avoid class skippers


Having friends is good, but there will be many students in your friend circle who don’t take the study seriously. Such students often skip classes for the fun and would ask you to do so. You may also fall prey to their influence and think that college life means only fun and this time will never come back. But beware as you are spending your most precious time that will decide the future of your career.

So, if there is anybody of this kind asking you to skip classes, keep a safe distance from them. If you can’t remove them from your friend group, just ignore or refuse to skip classes.


  • 6. Have a fun time


Though the previous two points suggest you to be sincere with your study and avoid skipping classes for the assurance of the best results, having fun is also important. You can’t spend all the days being a bookworm. Having a good time with friends is also required to keep stress under control. Also, having a fun time during weekends will freshen you up so that you can study with new energy in the next week.


  • 7. Have a mentor


While you are new in college, you may not be knowing about the norms and ways to settle in the new life. The situation may seem messy and horrible and you may get frustrated when things don’t go as per your expectations. In this case, you will need an adviser or a mentor that can help you get things done smoothly and guide you throughout your journey as a freshman.

Your mentor/adviser can be anybody from a senior student or a professor. Feel free to ask them when you need their guidance and help. They will set you on a right track and make your college life easier. Great post to read.


  • 8. Stay in touch with family and friends


It can become really hard to stay in touch with your old friends and family members during the busy phase as a freshman in the college. However, it is advisable to stay in touch and share your experiences with them. At least, make a call every week and talk to your parents, siblings, and friends. Though they may not show, they miss you a lot. Especially your parents and siblings who were sharing good or bad times and many other things with you.

This will keep you connected with your beloved people and will work as a motivational force to do better in your college studies.


We hope following these tips will help you have a happy and successful college life. Cheers!

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