Learn How To Choose Best Cheap Graphics Card For Your PC

First of all, it must be said that the video card is no miracle. Think of the computer as a human body, even if the heart beats hard, the brain, kidneys and other organs also need to work so that everything is perfect. So, if you want to run the latest generation games in the best possible quality, you also have to invest in RAM, processor, storage devices and even a broader display. To get ideas of buying <a href=”https://www.noflufftech.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/”>Best Graphics Card under $100</a>, you can visit No Fluff Tech.

Is it compatible?

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It is no use buying the best card in the market, spending a fortune and realizing that it cannot be installed on your PC. The boards are connected directly to the computer’s motherboard, so you need to know which connectors are available on the component.

The most current models use the 16x PCIe slot, but some cards use AGP and PCI 3.0 interfaces. Some sites like PC Specs help with this identification task by listing the cards that are compatible with each motherboard model.


At this point there is some data that needs to be analysed. The first one is the GPU, also known as Graphics Processing Unit. The higher the result here, the better the board’s performance for processing graphics and updating them on the screen. The data is measured in MHz and can be described by the manufacturer as GPU clock or VPU clock.

The most sought after information for consumers when fetching a video card is the amount of memory it offers. This attribute is used to store visual information during game play. 2 GB boards are superior to 1 GB boards. So far, it’s easy, but some of them have 256-bit interface components, rather than 128 bits, and memory is stored in GDDR5 modules, rather than DDR3.

Thus, a board with less “GB” may be more than twice as many competitors, but with interface and old modules. For those who do not know, GDDR5 is a more current technology than DDR3. So, look at this, but do not force the bar to choose a 512 MB video card over a 4 GB video card. The customer should follow the reviews of Best Cheap Graphics Card for efficient use.

A good way to analyze a board’s operation is to look for services on the internet with the benchmark results of the desired product. There are several pages that perform the service, such as Video-card Benchmarks or Tom’s Hardware.  

Series and frequency

Video cards are not simply set to 128 MB, 2 GB, 4 GB and so on. They also vary according to the generation in which they were launched. Therefore they are divided into “series”. In the case of GeForce cards, the series is described in the first number. For example, the GeForce 820 is an eighth-generation card, while GeForce 340 is the third. The numbers “20” and “40” in the example above refer to the model of the board.

In another example, now with an AMD part, note that the Radeon HD 6790 has

an 840 MHz clock, 256-bit bandwidth, and a 4.2 GHz memory clock. Although older than the 6850, it delivers more power as the newest has 775 MHz clock, 256-bit bandwidth and 4.2 GHz memory clock.


Overclocking, in turn, is a feature that can increase the board’s clock value by forcing it to produce more power. It would be like forcing a car engine to work harder uninterruptedly. If on the one hand it can deliver better results, on the other it can end up getting exhausted and present problems in the medium and long term, since it was not produced to work in that power in a normal way. Keep in mind that this functionality should be used only for specific times, and not last for all of the time.

Brand and price

AMD and <a href=”https://fudzilla.com/news/graphics/48511-nvidia-releases-three-new-rtx-demos”>Nvidia</a> currently dominate the market and produce good cards for work and entertainment purposes. The choice of one brand versus another does not influence whether the graphics capabilities of both are equivalent.

Value is another issue that must be considered. A GeForce GTX 1080, for example, goes for $ 1,800 in online retail. It’s an amount that needs to be considered, especially for those who are going to invest in the board looking to run current games. For comparison purposes, you can find video games like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the same price on the internet.


Another aspect to consider are the outputs that the hardware provides for the computer to be connected to an external monitor or TV. While older cards rely on HDMI outputs, which offer superior quality in the display of images and sound, others offer only VGA output, outdated technology that transmits only image, without sound. Run away.

User profile

Before you buy the card, you need to analyze what your profile is on your computer. If you are looking for hardware that allows you to play and manipulate video and image editing programs, you will not have to spend as much when someone is looking for boards that can open the latest generation games in the most advanced settings.

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