7 Profitable Business Development Ideas for Starting a Small Town Business

Do you feel overwhelmed at work? Are you sick of the daily grind?

You’ve got skills. You’ve got passion. Maybe it’s time to branch off and start that business.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe you had some concerns about a small business succeeding in a small town.

In the United States, small businesses (those with fewer than 500 employees) account for nearly 98% of businesses.

The great news is that people love new businesses! Unsure of what kind of business you should go with?

Here are 7 small town business ideas to consider.

First, Do Your Research

Of course, the first step is passion and desire. You must also take the time to do your research. To be successful, you want to do it right the first time.

This includes evaluating your skills. Find out what you are good at and add that to your passion.

Then do some research on the community. What is the culture of the town? What do they like and value?

Read about the trends in the small town. Read more and get to know the town and the types of people living there.

Come up with a list of small-town business ideas that your community would like and benefit from.

7 Examples of Small Town Business Ideas

1. SEO/Writing Services

You can start a freelancing business writing for small businesses. It may take time to build it up, but SEO and writing needs are real.

Business owners don’t have time for this and often outsource it. The best part is you can work virtually for businesses all over the world.

And…starting a writing business is low in overhead costs! 

2. Coffee Shop/Bakery

Everyone loves coffee! Well, maybe not everyone, but people who love coffee love themselves some quality coffee.  Even those who aren’t into coffee, love themselves a good pastry.

The cool thing about coffee shops is that you have a venue for other fun events like art shows and open mic nights.

3. Pet Care Business

Pets are like kids. Most people have them and they are loved and spoiled. Even in a community with many types of pet care businesses, you can succeed.

Make it your mission to stand out. You can have a pet spa, grooming business, dog-walking, pet-sitting…the business ideas are literally endless.

4. Cleaning Business

You would be surprised by just how many people use cleaners. Homes and businesses are constantly hiring help. Coming up with a solid marketing plan is key for this business.

Depending on the amount of work you want and the type of cleaning (residential or commercial), you can really make a bang in the small town.

5. Organizing/Minimizing Business

In the age of people wanting to downsize, this type of business can really thrive. Minimalism is a thing and often people are overwhelmed. This is especially good if you are a Type A personality or just uber organized yourself.

People don’t know where to begin. You can charge hourly or by the project with low overhead. Word of mouth and social media can help your business grow.

6. Courier Business

There’s often not a lot of time for business owners to do their own errands. This is where you come in.

Your small town may not have a huge public transportation system, either. You can take advantage of this by offering additional residential or commercial delivery services.

7. Food Truck

A food truck is always a hit. Think of it as a grown-up ice cream truck. It doesn’t have to be ice cream though.

You can have nearly any type of food. You have to make sure to check on zoning and food truck ordinances. City and county laws may limit you.

But if you find out you have the go, do your research on the needs and wants of your customers and go to town with a delicious food truck!

Finally, Make a Name For Yourself

These small town business ideas are just a few ideas to get you started. There are literally hundreds of business ideas that will thrive given the right conditions.

If you are ready to make that change, the universe has your back!

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