Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out

Selecting the most suitable candidate for a job or an internship position is the toughest task for the employer. What they look for when there are a lot of applications? Of course, they look for a resume that stands out with some unique factors about the applicant. So how can you create a resume that beats the competition? Here are the tips.

Make it job specific

Yes, you got it right. You can’t use the same resume for different job types. In order to stand out of the crowd, you have to highlight your unique and the most relevant skills and experiences while applying for a job.

On that note, you should not have all your skills, educational qualifications, and experiences listed on a single resume. Rather, make a customized resume with a set of qualification and experiences for each job type considering its requirements. Follow a helpful resource:

Have a simple structure

Many job seekers try to make their resume look attractive. In doing so, they end up with a format that has too many sections and messy structure. Employers have nothing to do with the design or nice-looking format. All they look for is the information that helps them decide if you are a good fit for their requirements.

For this reason, have only those details which are important and support your suitability for the job. Use concise headings for each section and points for each notable information in a section. Use appropriate font sizes and formatting consistently. Make text bold, italic, underlined where needed. Avoid designing your resume in tabular or box style.

Place key information on top

Show the most important information on top, i.e. your name, contact info, and career objective. Note that the career objective shouldn’t be just about what you are aspiring. It should also include your experience, qualification, and key skills. Write your career objective to the point, in two to three lines, so that the employer can quickly read it.

Write in your unique tone

People often copy the words and terms from the job description. Some even use flowery words in the career objective and experience section. Employers don’t find this attractive anymore. What matters is your strong skills and experience described in your own authentic way. At the same time, use job-specific keywords as many companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Each application is scanned by ATS for certain keywords and phrases relevant to the job and is given a score accordingly. This score decides if that application will be sent for the review by a human.

Use real data

Numbers and real facts work better than vague information. If you have helped increase profit in your previous job, mention how much in % or amount instead of just using words like “boosted the profit” or “achieved high profit”. If you don’t have the numbers, there may be other ways to quantify the results achieved during your previous job.

Where one word works, don’t use two

You have to include all the relevant information that can help get your dream job. Write bullet points for each of your experience. Add all the important details. But at the same time, you also have to keep your resume as short as possible.

Long resumes spanned in many pages find a place from where they hardly come out. This is because employers don’t have time to read book sized resumes when they have hundreds of applications to check. So, try to write everything in the shortest possible way and keep your resume to one or two pages max.

Mention about your passion and affiliations

Employer will also be interested in knowing about your affiliations and passion. Your extracurricular activities can play an important role in supporting your suitability for the job. If you have participated in volunteer services in any organization which has helped develop your leadership skills, your application for such a position will be stronger than others.

Tell only the truth

There may be the areas where you have not performed well but that are important in the job you are applying to. In that case, if you highlight that area as one of your core expertise and experience, you may have to face troubles later. You wouldn’t want this, and therefore, you should only include the information that is true and that you can prove with your performance later Pname Com Facebook Orca.

Give references

Though not required, you should include relevant references when asked in the job description. It can be from your previous affiliation, your job or volunteer service. Mention the name, designation, company name, address, and contact details. Also, mention there is a personal reference. Both your professional and personal reference will strengthen your professional and personal eligibilities for the job.


Securing a dream job or an internship is never an easy task. You have to face tough competition from other candidates. But you can make things in your favor with an outstanding resume. There will be many similar ones from other people, but following the tips given in this article will help a lot in making your resume stand out.

Best of luck!

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