Top 7 Advantages of ELearning and Its Impact in 2019

ELearning has become an inevitable part of teaching and training programs of universities to professional training institutes and companies. Furthermore, it’s also a preferred way of learning for students and working people. The main reason behind this trend is the benefits it provides in addition to imparting knowledge and education without the need for setting up the conventional classrooms. Some most notable benefits are discussed in this article. Read on to know more.

  • Flexibility in learning

Learning is not limited to students and people from every walk of life can take an educational program whenever they want. On that note, ELearning plays an important role. It provides flexible learning opportunities and study can be taken in small chunks. People also tend to learn better and faster when they do it in smaller parts. Instead of going for hours of study, they can go for a section or a chapter at a time. This makes an in-depth understanding of the topic possible without putting stress and disturbing other responsibilities of the learner. Moreover, helpful resources and tools are available to use anytime. Click here to get an example:

  • Innovative ways of learning

With the development of smart devices, internet, and artificial intelligence, the way eLearning used to be has changed drastically. Though offline digital material is still having its share in the field of eLearning, people are moving towards more innovative ways. Being the most notable, innovativeness is the benefit why eLearning is gaining huge popularity.

The way software and bots interact with humans are incredible. They make use of the information gathered by asking inputs, analyze them and come to the answers that match to a great extent, if not exactly, to what humans expect. Companies and large corporations are smartly and successfully taking advantage of this in shaping their employee training programs that ultimately boost their performance and company revenue.

  • Informal and on-demand learning

Unlike when you use conventional learning methods, you don’t have to attend specific classes at a specific time. You can take a learning session at any time and in any place depending on your convenience and comfort. eLearning also encourages informal education.

Students can take small sessions of learning informal and innovative skills apart from their regular studies. Such small but practical educational programs boost innovations and out-of-box thinking and help students do better in their main studies. Some schools, colleges, and universities are even encouraging students to take several informal study programs online in order to empower the development of their practical skills that in turn will lead to improved performance in their regular studies.

  • Virtual classes and webinars

Virtual classes and webinars have taken the educational field by storm. They have changed the way we used to attend lectures and mass training sessions. The webinar is a very popular tool for delivering informal education and training. Same way, virtual classes enable learners to interact with the instructors with the help of internet. These ways are as effective as conventional classrooms but remove their limits.

  • Easy knowledge sharing

Recent years have shown a huge increase in user-generated learning content. Anybody with considerable knowledge and skills can create courses. Becoming a part of the platforms providing online learning and training services is possible with the help of internet. People also use online video sharing platforms to share their knowledge without being a part of an organization. It saves a lot of money and time making it the most popular way of informal learning. This trend has seen rapid growth in recent years and is expected to grow faster in 2019 than before free movie download.

  • Responsive to devices

Initially, eLearning was largely based on presentation style and slides were used to deliver the knowledge. But it has been changed to web-based course material which can be scrolled vertically. This is very convenient compared to slides that are scrolled horizontally.

Web technologies have also become so advanced that the content developed using them can be viewed on any device like computer, tablet or mobile. It’s called responsive design. This mobile-friendly design has enabled users to take courses on the go saving a lot of their time.

  • Cloud-based eLearning

It was never so easy as it is now as the large corporate training and learning programs are being rapidly moving to cloud-based systems. Such programs can be easily and quickly accessed by the learners and employees from anywhere using their credentials. Updating them is also easy and takes only a few minutes thereby reducing the downtime to almost zero.

A major benefit of cloud-based eLearning facility is its cost-effectiveness and has become very popular among the companies. It significantly reduces the costs for the companies having an on-going need for the training and education for their employees.

  • Conclusion

eLearning is gaining huge popularity and will act as a preferable way of studying new skills in 2019 and beyond due to its numerous benefits. As a major benefit, it saves time and costs less than location-based learning environments. Apart from being beneficial for the learners, eLearning also provides opportunities to trainers and teachers to share their knowledge and experiences online easily.

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