WhatsApp Monitoring Software for Parents

Are you concerned about your kid’s mobile phone and social media use? The recent studies indicate the surprisingly excessive use of social messengers among teenagers of post-millennial generation.

The teens and tweens between the age of 12 and 17 dedicate more than nine hours a day to social networking platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. The unsupervised and unbridled use of these tools may cause them to face severe physical, social and psychological issues com facebook orca error.

Parents of post-millennial kids are required to monitor the mobile phone and online activities of their children to protect them from the threats prevailing in the digital world. Fortunately,

There are apps that enable parents to remotely monitor the online and offline activities of their children without becoming helicopter parents. This article discusses how parental control monitoring apps enable parents to supervise the use of social media apps particularly WhatsApp Messenger.

Monitoring Software for Parents

There are several parental control app that are intended for parents to keep the mobile phone of their children under surveillance. These apps let you monitor and control the targeted cell phone. You can see what your kids are doing on their phones and what sort of conversations they make with their online buddies.

The monitoring software eliminates the need to repeatedly access the mobile phones of children to check out their activities. Once you install the monitoring software on the mobile phone in possession of your kids, you can see what is being done on that phone without accessing it.

The parental control monitoring software lets you check out the messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos and media files stored on the hard of the targeted device. The messages received and sent by your kids land to your device through an online account. Similarly, the other data relevant to the social media and internet use can also be monitored, reviewed and downloaded via monitoring and spy software.

WhatsApp Monitoring Software

The popularity of WhatsApp messenger is not behind the scenes. The communication app is widely being used by teens and tweens for the purpose of instant messaging, audio and video calling and plenty of other features.

To sign up to the instant messaging app, the user needs to have a mobile phone and reliable internet connection. The application does not seek any personal information to let the user to have an account on WhatsApp. You only need to provide a verified mobile phone number to activate your WhatsApp account.

The popularity and convenience of this messaging app has also attracted many bullies and predators. The messenger is in use of many scoundrels and molesters who use this technology to access and victimize the adolescents.

With the availability of monitoring software, it has become easier for parents to monitor WhatsApp use of their offspring to safeguard them from the threats prevailing in the online world.

By installing the WhatsApp monitoring app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor almost all activities performed on instant messenger. Read on to know how this tracking software facilitates parents in safeguarding their children from the potential dangers of social media and instant messaging apps.

What Can WhatsApp Monitoring Software Do?

The tracking software offers innumerable features to spy on the social media activities of teenagers. It lets you track the conversations made via instant messenger. You can monitor all incoming and outgoing instant messages of your children without letting them know. Moreover, you can track WhatsApp call logs, photos, videos, voice messages and contacts.

The spy software gets access to the data of monitored smartphone and creates and online backup of that data. The end user of the tracking software can log into the online account of the spyware to monitor the backed up information.

This account is also used to send multiple commands to the monitored phone to execute specific functions. You can send command to capture screenshots of the monitored device as your kids start using instant messenger. It lets you capture every activity performed on communication app.   

How to get WhatsApp Monitoring Software?

You would not find the WhatsApp tracking software on Google or any other play store. You are required to visit the web page of The One Spy WhatsApp monitoring software to get spy app for the Android or iPhone of your kid. Once you subscribe the required app, you can get it install on the targeted mobile phone.

By following the user-friendly installation process of the spy software, you can make the targeted cell phone to show you almost every action performed on that device. At the time of app subscription, the end-user is provided with secret credentials of surveillance software. The user can log into the online account of the spyware app by using those credentials and monitor or download the required information.  

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