3 Best Laptops for Journalists

Keeping a small diary and pen within your pocket is not just enough for journalism but now everything is online if its content writing on a news blog, discussing political and social issue over news feeds then you might need a good laptop.

In real world, Journalism is all about information and the most important of that data came from online resources where everyone is in the race of pitching that info first. To keep ahead of everyone and get the credible, reliable and updated information you need a laptop that have the ability to give you everything in time and the speeding machine when it came to writing.

From online surfing to writing every journalist need a best laptop for writing that can help them to wield that power of information to create a difference. From portability to battery life these laptops fit the category of journalism, discussing what they offer to you and to help you in making decisions then you are on a right article.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

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Despite from its sleek look and two-in-one convertible laptop, Lenovo Chromebook is one of the best high-performance laptop for the field of journalism. With 360-degree movability and with the best portability due to less weight, the laptop will get you in the first look.

Looking into internal features, the Laptop offers 4GB of RAM which is enough for journalism kind of work and screen is 11.6 inches with the best display. The Hard drive is 64-GB SSD which play a vital role in best performance.

The only thing that matters to journalist in a laptop is battery life. The kind of work they are involved might need a long battery life and that is provided by Lenovo with more then 10-Hours of time. The graphic capability is Power VR SGX543 which will help them to look in the tiny details.

The laptop will provide of 100 GB google drive space which is more than enough and 3.0 connectivity SD and USB ports and the weight is 2.6 pounds which is easy to carry around the press conferences and journalism work.

ASUS VivoBook

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With window 10 operating system and high performance of 1.6 GHz processor and 8th generation of core i-5, the laptop has fit the profile of Journalism. The New model has lot of new features that works best for writing and cutting over the edges of bits of information.

The portability is OK and weight is 3.7 pounds but at the same time the laptop screen is 15.6 stunning display more then Lenovo in the same weight. The Intel HD Graphic 620 puts an extra look into the visual performance of the laptop.

The key specifications of the laptops are, 8 GB RAM with 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD, a combo drive facility to enhance both performance and space for the journalist. The only drawback is battery timing which is almost 6-7 hours.

With both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports and 802.11ac WIFI capability will keep you connected from long range.

 Apple MacBook Pro

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One of the coolest brand but costly, yet it had the most stunning features that are appreciated by the Journalist over the time. Based on its unique features, sleek design and tough body, the laptop has never disappointed its fan.

With best and powerful processor, comfortable keyboard and unique security feature to keeping the data anonymous, the device is the best pick for the journalist. Looking into the spec of the laptop, it has 8 GB RAM and the screen is 13.3 inches with easy for the portability.

The laptop has 256GB SSD space and with the MAC operating system and SSD the laptop gives the maximum performance to its user. The battery life is 11 hours which is more than enough and you don’t need to charge it twice in a day.

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