4 Branding Ideas for Your Custom E-Liquid Boxes

There’s an immense and rapid growth in the e-liquid and cannabis industry recently. For most businesses what matters most is “shelf appeal,” which is a factor that drives their sales. In a world that is all about striking and novelty products, cannabis consumers and vipers have a lot of loyalty to give, of course, only to those brands that appeal the most to them.

Most entrepreneurs enter the industry of cannabis with a broad budget at their disposal. Some produce their own, and sell the products, but custom packaging is a worthwhile investment here. Keep in mind that the boxes serve as a long-term investment, crucial to transform the initial interest into better sales. The sad part is, most cannabis startups or established businesses ignore this factor for a long time, because some cannot afford it. However, investing in custom E-liquid boxes is a worthwhile decision, and it is best that you pay attention to it, so it can boost your brand visibility and also help consumers remember you for the exceptional quality.

Here’s how you can boost your brand name and visibility using E-liquid custom packaging boxes.

1.  Go For Unusual, Rugged Materials

So many businesses specializing in E-liquid go for standard type of packaging options. Although standard is a good option, on a retail shelf it will only blend in with the other brands and lose its chances of recognition or consideration among consumers. To make your packaging stand out, why not invest in something that appears unusual, yet enticing? You can consider using brown Kraft cardboard, which is an option that no one else considers. It has an earthy brown, and rugged texture that makes the product stand out exquisitely on the shelf.

2.  Choose STE Boxes

When it comes to choosing custom boxes, why not consider the STE option. STE refers to “Straight Tuck End” boxes and takes the top spot as the most popular box style available today. If you are working on a budget, it is an option you should consider as an option because it can have many coating options on it, including aqueous coating, which is a great choice. Although to some company owners, this may seem like an odd option, many companies approach packaging companies such as IMH Packaging to have custom made options that drives their business success. Another similar option is the RTE or the Reverse Tuck End box, which is identical to the other except for the direction of its bottom flap. Nowadays, this box style for packaging is common for cannabis-infused and tincture edibles.

3.  Invest in Unusual Shapes

Why shouldn’t you consider going out of the ordinary and choose something unusual for your custom boxes? You can have them in rectangular shapes, with custom printing on the borders, the side flaps and the panels. You can have unorthodox shapes, which is the best way to grab the attention of customers. This type of packaging option will also communicate an artistic flair and good taste that consumers will find attractive and admirable.  A recommendation is to go for creative shapes, which is suitable for E-liquids, but recently this trend is emerging within the cannabis industry. A factor you should keep in mind is the chosen shape and its function. You should not go for a shape that has wasted space in its storage, or a type that falls off easily.

4.  Go for a Book-Style Box

Another option you can consider is to choose this type of box. What makes it special is its similarity to the front book cover. It doesn’t just have a flap, but eight panels to allow you to sell your products effectively to customers. This option is suitable for higher-end items, meaning it will likely take in a greater number of customers because of the elegant packaging. This is a suitable choice for medium sized cannabis items, and it will pair well with any kind of coating.

For the best options in custom E-liquid boxes, it is best that you consult a good packaging and printing company in your area. Take your time to ask them any questions you have in mind, and clear all your doubts regarding the pricing and custom coating solutions.

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