Top Reasons to study Masters in Netherlands

A Wide Range of Programs in English Language:

Though Netherlands is a Dutch country, a large number of population can speak, understand and converse in English. The universities in Netherlands offer a large number of courses in English, to attract more and more international students. There are also number of Dutch courses obviously. The courses like international studies, engineering and business administration are taught in English mostly, for their international appeal.

Increasing Employability:

For many graduates, finding jobs after graduation is not an easy task. The lack of knowledge and exposure is something that comes in the way of finding a good job, It is important to stand out from the rest and Masters in Netherlands can be that opportunity. There are number of benefits for studying Masters in Netherlands.

  1. Degrees are accepted by the employers all over the world.
  2. Specialized knowledge of the course
  3. Helps you find the job quickly
  4. The jobs are high-paying opportunities
  5. Gives you expertise in a particular subject
  6. Can go for further academic pursuits in Netherlands

Always consider your employment prospects while choosing a Master’s program in Netherlands. There are number of factors to consider before applying. How much the program costs? Will it be rewarded after the program is over? Are there good opportunities for job? What are the course requirements, etc?

Low Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees in Netherlands for Masters is much less compared to the other English Speaking countries, and even for the European countries, the masters in Netherlands can be considered pretty affordable. The fees are different for the EU students and non-EU/EEA students, and they vary a lot for the international students. The fees for the masters in Netherlands is variable with courses and Universities. International students can apply for the Grants and study abroad scholarships to study in Netherlands.

Top Universities in the World:

The Universities in Netherlands follow the Bologna Progress of the three cycle higher education. Thirteen of the Universities in Netherlands feature in the top university rankings for the best universities in the world. Here are the top 5 universities to look forward to:

  1. Delft University of Technology
  2. University of Amsterdam
  3. Eindhoven University of Technology
  4. University of Groningen
  5. Leiden University

Apart from Amsterdam, there are number of student cities with highly rated universities in Netherlands. Read below to know more about the student cities in the Netherlands.

Student Oriented Cities:

Amsterdam may have been a crowd favorite all these years, but there are many student oriented cities in Netherlands like, Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and so on. The cities are student oriented, and are home to some of the top universities in Europe. One can see students roaming around the city on their bicycles, among the food and the fun that is happening around in the streets. There are more than 5000 international students in Netherlands from more than 115 counties. There is a tremendous exchange of culture happening in the country, and as a student, Netherlands is a place to be.

These are just some of the perks of the country for the international students. It is one of the happiest, nature loving countries around, which has a perfect blend of old and modern times, and has every reason for the students to look forward to.

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