Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Industries

Before getting to the article topic, with your permission, shall we go back a few centuries before the Industrial Revolution? In those times, many tasks were done manually, and the time required to prepare a product was more. But came the industrial revolution, and manual work was reduced to half. Now, you have machines to do jobs with minimum supervision from human workers. Yes, there are a few jobs in industries which still require manual work. Now, they have been replaced with machines having a new technology called Artificial Intelligence. Let us look into the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industries in this article compared with the recent times.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, in very short words, AI can be described as an advanced type of computer science. But at present, there is no industry that has not been influenced by this technology. If you want to know the description of Artificial intelligence or AI in simple language, it is a software application which can do jobs similar to humans. In other words, it can think like a human and complete the tasks.

Big Corporates

It is not only the SMB’s which are hell-bent on having AI applications in their offices, but also multinational companies. Also, please note reputed companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft are trying ways to implement this technology in their company operations. In this very article, the time has come for you to know about the various applications of artificial intelligence in industries.


Well, we need not tell you that almost 75 percent of the world has gone digital. And are you a subscriber of various websites such as Forbes? Are you a voracious reader of reputed blogs? Then please note that the articles of some reputed websites (such as Washington Post) are written by AI machines. Yes, this type of writing is still in the initial stage, but yes in the future, the best articles may get written by AI machines. Word-writing AI platform – Wordsmith.


We know that you are thinking of applications of Artificial Intelligence in the gaming industry. And you are right. AI has been used in games since ancient times, but it was in recent times that its principles have been applied in the field of gaming. Just check out the games such as Far Cry and Middle Earth.


At present, the e-commerce website is making use of artificial intelligence to generate revenue. And the turnover of the industry per year is more than 300 billion. So, let us imagine a situation. You are interested in buying a bridal dress for your cousin’s wedding. You use the laptop to browse the website. So, when you put the dress in the purchasing cart, you get a notification on the screen stating do you want to look into more

similar items like the bridal dress? Or the notifications may specify jewelry which will look good with the same bridal dress? Now, what are the applications behind the design of these notifications? It is artificial intelligence.

4.Customer Service

Surprised or Baffled? Because the title is about customer service? And yes, there is a point. In customer service, human executives are faced with so many questions. Sometimes, even a human executive may find difficulty in convincing the customer. So, what can artificial intelligence do in this situation? Well, please note, that the AI applications for the customer have gone to an advanced level. And have you heard about chatbots? We bet you have. Shall we explain the entire process with an example? Then you will understand loud and clear. Please note that the application used is known as Natural Language Processing.

You are a computer repair expert and has been in the industry for ten long years, have opened a company of your own in a small area of Mumbai. You have ten repair professionals to manage the orders from customers. Your team also works part-time as customer service vendors for a popular start-up providing laptop repair services in Mumbai. And you have a customer service center to book the complaints or give guidance to customers. Being smart, you have installed chatbots. These applications can handle simple queries and even book complaints/requests. But the complex queries or complaints get routed to a human executive. This is another example of applications of Artificial Intelligence in industries.

5.Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Industries – Automobiles

Driverless cars have been in the making for quite some time. And it is Tesla and Google which are running the bandwagon. And the technology used – Artificial Intelligence. Do you know that these cars have self-parking facilities, monitoring of blind spots, can stop at traffic lights, recognize the voice, do navigation and more. Are you dreaming about traveling in driverless cars in the future? Then it will happen, but the time frame, nobody knows.

Speaking of driverless cars, you may have seen them in the James Bond movie. He will use his wrist watch to make the car come to his location.

6.Banking & Finance

In India, many private banks have entered the market. And all of them are giving credit cards/debit cards by the dozen. And how will they analyze a person’s credentials before giving the credit card? It is by making use of his buying patterns and spending behavior. And they use AI tools to analyze the data.

Then there are financial institutions which use AI to detect changes in the market data. So, AI can help stock expert predict changes in patterns of stocks.

7.Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Industries – Healthcare

Shall we take a case study to make you better understand the situation? In an unfortunate situation, a person has met with an accident and has been admitted in the ICU section. The doctors want to operate on him, but there are certain tests to be done. For example, is the patient allergic to a certain chemical in drugs? The doctors should know these points before conducting the operation. And instead of relying on human doctors to analyze numerous reports and make the judgment, medical institutions are making use of AI applications for analysis and judgment. So, AI has stepped even into the healthcare segment.

8.Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Industries – Manufacturing

If there is an industry which made use of AI from the very beginning, it is the manufacturing sector. Now, robotics with AI have stepped into the industry. These robots can assemble different parts and then do even the package. And yes, they can handle simple repairs on their own or send a message to the concerned supervisor for maintenance. But this is just the initial stage. In the future, the manufacturing sector is going to undergo a major change.

A.Predictive Analysis

This is another recent technology application of AI in the manufacturing sector. There are times, when the machines in a manufacturing unit may malfunction. So the team will find it difficult to produce the targets as per the deadline. But when Predictive analysis applications are inserted into the machine, then the concerned department head will get a message in case of maintenance. This prevents unplanned downtime.

B.Manufacturing of Quality Products

Yes, humans have the experience, but sometimes they may also err. But an AI application once modeled, can produce only quality products. There will be fewer chances for errors and other problems. And please do not forget the fact, in the case of robots, they do not need rest nor take leaves.

9.Home Appliances

Have you heard about the Internet of Things or a Smart Home? In the Internet of Things, every electronic appliance in your home is connected to the Internet and to a common server. By making use of the mobile, you can give commands to the smart home appliance to act accordingly. For example, you can command the smart lights to switch on and off; send a text to the washing machine to stop the washing process and many more. Now, what is the process behind the evolution of smart appliances? Artificial Intelligence.


Have you made use of the Virtual Assistants on your mobile phone? For example, if you want to know about a topic, instead of typing the entire word or sentence, you can ask the digital assistants to search for information on your part. This is another application of artificial intelligence in industries.


Have you read the article regarding applications of Artificial Intelligence in industries? Then please note, that the new technology has not yet gained its full form. Shall we explain with an example? Let us visualize a situation. You are in Mumbai and have an AC for maintenance service in your home. You came to know about maintenance only after your family members complained they were not getting cool air. Now you need to take the mobile and call the technician skilled for best AC service in Hyderabad. You can book the technician in so many ways. But, in the future, the AI will get advanced to a level where the AC will send a message to your mobile or email to your Inbox if it needs service.

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