Upcoming Careers in Medicine

Medicine has always been very crucial to any society’s development. Back in the days before the discovery of vaccines and much of modern medicine, people used to suffer from myriad of diseases that couldn’t be cured.

It was only medicine such as Ayurvedic medicine that had a chance of curing a person. The methods in Ayurveda and other such olden medicine do work to some extinct but are very primitive and incur a lot of pain in many procedures. Child mortality used to be alarmingly high and the average human life span was very low.

Today, we live in the best of times with the lowest child mortality rate, highest average life span and the medical arsenal to fight against many deadly diseases. Vaccines were the first revolutionary step in a long revolution of the way we perceive and practice medicine. It seemed almost impossible to create medicines that could possibly cure a disease for a person’s whole life.

For this reason, vaccines seemed like medical miracle, although we take them for granted now. From then on, there have been various advancements in various fields of medicine that would be considered miracles over a century ago.

This is largely thanks to the quality of research being conducted all over the world. The complexity of procedures have grown exponentially and we are now able to cure the diseases that were once considered to have no cure at all.

In India, medicine has always been one of the popular fields. Over 14 lakh students all over the country apply for the National Entrance and Eligibility Examination (NEET) to get a seat in various medical colleges in India.

But, not all are aware of the various new trends in the field. Although pursuing a traditional career in medicine such as surgery would still be profitable, there aren’t enough seats to accommodate all the aspirants and some of the emerging fields might some day yield even more.

The emerging areas in the field of medicine are plenty and some are even considered fringe science such as cryogenics. A stark change in medicine is expected to happen in the next decade.

Due to the growing popularity of the newer fields, many students are getting interested in these areas. This has led to universities starting to teach these courses on a regular basis.

This has also improved the speed of work being done in various less known fields of medicine and has contributed to the overall progression of the research in these areas. Some of the emerging fields in medicine are Biotechnology, microbiology etc. Of all these, Biotechnology seems to be the most promising one.

Biotechnology isn’t still a theoretical and research based field, it has transformed into a very practical and useful area medicine. A career in Biotechnology is sure to be very lucrative in modern times.

With various advancements in Microbiology, there has been significant improvement in biotechnology too. Today, there are many researchers and engineers working on various biotechnology products.

As biotechnology is useful in various fields from textiles to drugs and even surgery, it has a lot of demand. The field is still in its early stages and although a lot of biotechnological tools have already helped improve various fields, it is still very early days for the field, filled with a lot of opportunities.

The opportunities in fields such as biotechnology are endless as there aren’t any expectations as to what one could achieve with them. Both research and engineering are very crucial to the field. This requires a lot of skilled individuals with a very unique mindset.

But, in this field, all that requires to be successful is one breakthrough. The jobs are endless, waiting to be discovered. All of this puts biotechnology is a very good position and anyone choosing this field will surely have a great career.

There are many universities, both national and international offering jobs in biotechnology as there is an increasing demand for newer, more innovative biotech. Many start-ups have also sprung up around the field, especially in the Silicon Valley that is home to some of the world’s most successful companies like Facebook and Google.

The other medicinal areas such as microbiology, cryogenics, gene therapy etc. are also very rapidly growing and have plenty of opportunities for those interested and willing to take a small chance for securing a better career.

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