Trending Myths and Facts about Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hit it, drop it, freeze it, format it and the hard disk drive will start working fine. These are some of the misguided advice that people give to implement in case of a hard disk drive failure. No wonder, most of the people who are using the hard disk drives are not aware of its internal components and functions, and there’s nothing bad about that. What’s wrong here is following strange myths and misconceptions. 

There are a lot of facts about hard disk drive, which is still not known by the people who even use it daily. This is the factor of unawareness, which is causing people to believe in these weird myths. In case of data loss, people just end up following some misconceptions which cause the failure of the chances of hard disk data recovery. This is why we come up with some myths and fact about hard drive data recovery so that even if you face data loss, you don’t end up taking any wrong step. 

Myths About Data Recovery in the Hard Disk Drive

Myth 1: Keeping Hard Disk in Freezer

This myth needs to top the rundown of common myths about data recovery as more often than not; individuals imagine that putting the hard drive in a freezer will settle the issue. The reason being, hard drives get overheated, and individuals believe that freezing it will fix the issue. Despite what might be expected, freezing the hard drive will harm its head position and will result in constriction of mechanical parts. Along these lines, absolutely never put the hard drive in a freezer.

Myth 2: Bringing Up the Screw Driver to Open the Hard Disk Drive

People think that opening the hard disk drive by using the screwdriver can help with data recovery. But again that’s a misconception as the only thing that will do is damage the hard drive further. If you try to do the same, there are complete chances that you might end up damaging the mechanical parts or scratch the platters, and once it damage happens, you’ll just break any chances of getting the data recovery done. Thus, you need to refrain from opening the hard drive and causing any further damage to it.

Myth 3: Trusting the Freebies Over Specialists 

The market is immersed with bunches of software which professes to recover data from the hard drive without disregarding the privacy factor. While recovering data, one needs to guarantee that the data put away on it in danger as anybody can get to it. Trust just the demonstrated procedures and software for productive data recovery. You never know that free software is just a trick to access your confidential data. Moreover, it is also possible that while to recover data through free software, you just end up with nothing but also you even let go of the possibilities of getting it repaired by experienced hard disk data recovery services. 

Myth 4: Hard Disk Comes Along With Lifetime Validity and is Immune to Failure

This is quite a misconception that lies in the heads of the people. Just like anything hard disk drives also have their lifespan. Moreover, being a mechanical device, the hard disk drives are completely prone to damages and failure. The average lifespan of a hard disk drive is known to be 3-5 years, but still, there are always chances of getting the hard drive corrupt or damaged anytime.

Myth 5: Hitting or Dropping the Hard Drive Can Make it Work

Usually, when a person faces any issues with any device, they just start hitting the device, feeling that any wire might be lost and hitting it will make the system work. But like everything, this is also a myth. You’ll get no good even if you hit your hard disk once or twice. This is surely not any remedy. For any issue with the disk, you have to take it to the specialists to look into the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible.

We have discussed everything that should be avoided when it is about data recovery in the hard disk drive, but it is also important to know what exactly to focus on. Here comes the need to reveal the facts about HDD data recovery, so that you can get your data back without causing any more damage. 


Facts About Data Recovery in the Hard Disk Drive

Fact 1: It Is Possible in Just a Few Days

If a service is saying that your data recovery will take weeks, then you are definitely at the wrong place. There’s nothing like that data recovery from hard disk drives would take weeks or months to get it done. If you reach out to the right services, then you’ll know that the professionals could fix it only in a span of a few days, with all of the content recovered and no compromise with the confidentiality.

Fact 2: Complete Data Recovery is Only Possible By The Specialists

If you think you can deal with the situation of data loss by yourself or by using the free online data recovery software, then you are completely wrong. It would do no good but would end up creating more troubles for you. The situation can get more complex, and you might not be able to recover the data at all. Thus, it is only advised to seek help for data recovery only from the professionals who are experienced in fixing these types of issues and recovering the data back.

Fact 3: There are Affordable Services for Data Recovery

Most of the people are concerned that the recovery services could charge a lot. But that’s not the case with every service. While looking for a good hard drive data recovery service, you need to make sure to do some research and find out the services which offer affordable assistance. The experienced professionals in data recovery would just take a little time to examine the problem and would provide the recovery services at affordable prices. 

Fact 4: Overwriting the Disk can Cause Permanent Data Loss

It is advised that the moment you noticed that your data is missing from the hard disk drive you should stop working with it there and then. It is found that if you continue using the drive, you might end up overwriting the files or the data that has become inaccessible or is lost. In case you end up overwriting the drive, you’ll cause permanent data loss for everything that has vanished. In such a situation, no specialist will be able to recover the previous data back.

A few things should be left to specialists and with regards to recovering data from the hard drive failure, rather than trusting on any online free software to do the recovering work for you. All you have to do is simply reach out to the best-experienced recovery professionals who will recover data without causing any physical harm to your hard drive or to the data which is compromised. Just simply focus on the facts and leave out the myths behind so that you can acquire your lost data back without through affordable recovery services, with the surety that neither the data not its confidentiality will be comprised.

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