Five writing mistakes to avoid when writing your first book.

Persistence is one of the most precious attributes that have a direct kinship with success. People, who take the plunge for accomplishing their goals, end up paying a smooth road to their achievement. These are the type of people you see in the limelight, be it in writing or any other profession.

If you talk about people, who pursue writing as a career, you will find many success stories like JK Rowling, Stephen King, Dan Brown or one of the recent entries to the list Rupi Kaur which inspire the flare of hard work, diligence and persistence in many of their admirers.

Those of you who want to be the next big name in the realm of fiction writing will have to pay attention to the writing mistakes you make as a beginner writer. There are many trivial errors and a few grave mistakes, which you should avoid at all costs while you are writing. It does not have anything to do with you not being talented enough. For composing a killer content for your book, you will have to avoid making mistakes, which have been pointed out in this post.

Rethink your concept:

When writing a novel, you will have to make sure that you pick an idea that has the potential to sell. If you think that, you will write a book about your cat’s life, or maybe about a woman who is going through a mild midlife crisis that ends with her working part-time and getting back with her ex. Then your story will not intrigue your audience unless you take guidance from a professional fiction ghostwriter. For hiring a pro writer, you will have to contact an online platform like the

Give what you said you would give to your audience:

If you are writing horror or a suspense novel, then your story should have an element of fear or curiosity, respectively. The most significant disenchantment of most reads is that they are not ramped enough. The romances are not simulating, thrillers are not thrilling, and comedies do not make the readers laugh. This creates a write-up bland. Avoid doing that by making your write up intense and for doing that you will have to dive deep into the thinking process.

Be extra careful about your presentation:

The next thing is the way you present to your audience if you are providing to your audience with a write-up hoping that it would sell. Then you will have to wrap it up nicely. Be extra careful about all the grammatical errors and mistakes. Make sure that you do not forget punctuation marks and use the correct font for making your write-up comprehensible. With that, an essential thing that you should take care of is the structuring and phrasing process of your write-up. Get it edited several times if you must, but make sure that you produce immaculate content.

Work over constructing a proper plot and take time for defining your characters:

Your story will not create itself. If you are thinking about providing your audience with quality, then you will have to make sure that you think of a plot. A plot is necessary as it gives a meaning to your write-up. Think about all the possible scenarios and how your story is going to progress and you should also think about things like the character’s appearance. Giving a proper description of your characters is important because it frames your story correctly.

Finish your novel properly:

At the end of everything, you will have to end your account successfully for doing so you will have to make sure that you edit all the errors and mistakes out. If you find anything that needs to be corrected, then you should correct it. Fix it so that your reader perceives your work at its finest.
While editing your story, you will have to make several changes in the plot and the character descriptions. Make sure that you get an expert opinion over your write-up so that the chances of mistakes and errors get minimized.

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