How Water Purifier Proved To Be Beneficial For Everyone

Water is the essential source of life present on earth, but these days safe, clean, and pure water is not available easily for our consumption. The water is mainly required for drinking and many other purposes in our daily life, but pure water is not readily accessible, and their leading causes are environmental degradation, overpopulation, and industrial development, etc. So to lead our everyday life, we should also be aware of the new water purification techniques and also about the water purifiers present in the market to ensure that the water we are drinking is pure, safe and healthy and is also of good quality.

The water contains a lot of things dissolved in water like minerals which are essential for a human being, but it should be consumed safely and adequately because overconsumption of these minerals can cause a lot of problems for a human being and can also cause many diseases. So to get these minerals in a proper amount a god water purifier is required. A good water purifier removes excessive amount of salt, suspended particles and microbes from the water but also retains all the vitamins and minerals which are essential for a human being. It is challenging to choose which water purifier is good because of a lot of manufacturers in the water purifier industries.

The water purifiers and water filters work on the same mechanical principle. They remove all the contaminated water and also filters out all the microorganisms present in it, and the rest of the pure and clean water is retained. The purified water retained can be used for drinking purposes and can be used for other purposes. The water purifier and water filters have one big difference that the water purifiers can remove all the viruses and bacteria, but a water filter cannot remove. Some water purifiers use chemicals, and most of the purifiers need an electrostatic charge to destroy and remove all the viruses.

Types Of Water Filters

  • Active Carbon Filter

All the soluble gases present in water like nitrogen, carbon monoxide, chlorine, and ammonia are purified in such kind of filter and all the organic materials like dead algae, and the charcoal absorbs many harmful pesticides and chlorine. There is a line present in the household carbon filter which destroys all the bacteria.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters

The reverse osmosis filters, generally known as RO purifiers, contains a multi-stage filtration of water which combines all active carbons and also all filtration particles. In this, the water is passed through the membrane which has very small sized pores which weed out all the minerals and microorganisms in water. All the impurities are then collected and flushed out through a pipe called the outlet pipe. The taste of water is improved, but the water is not entirely safe because there can be a damage in the purifier done by the manufacturer so it is not altogether safe so some bacteria can get through the filter. Reverse osmosis water purifiers are mostly used when the amount of dissolved minerals is too much. These purifiers also wipe out a few essential minerals which are necessary for a human being.


  • Ion Exchange Resins Filters

In these types of filter, all the minerals are absorbed when the water softens up while passing through a resin. The water is softened because the filters suck all the salt.

  • Ceramic Filters

These filters are cylindrical that is usually made up of clay and sand or any other combustible dust. The small seized pores drain out all the bacteria in the water entirely and also prevents water to get contaminated.

  • Ultra Violet Filters

In these types of filters, the UV light is passed through the water to kill all the bacteria and other microbes present in water. These filters remove the pesticides entirely, and its purification capacity is approximately 2000 liters a day. These filters are one of the best cleaners with a very high function of purification, and these filters also removes the microbes by attacking the DNA in the cells and obliterates them. But it does not affect its taste and color. 

  • Biosand Filters

It is a box made up of plastic or concrete filled with layers of sand and gravel, this sand and gravel help to remove pathogens and all the suspended materials of solids from contaminated water. The water is poured into the top of the filter and is collected in a safe container. All the bacteria and all microorganisms grow in 2cm of sand filled in the screen, which is called biolayer. The bacteria and all the organisms eat all the pathogens in the water and improve their quality. These filters have a purifying capacity of 12-18 liters each batch.

Best Water Purifier For Home

RO Water Purifiers (Reverse Osmosis)

The best water purifiers are the reverse osmosis purifier, generally known as RO purifier. The RO water purifier is a combination of many technologies like UV, UF, and MF, and these technologies remove almost all impurities present in the water. It removes impurities like mud, sand, dust, bacteria, virus, cysts, and many other solid materials dissolved in water like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, arsenic, fluoride, etc. RO purifiers are excellent, and the water is purified entirely and can be used for drinking and other purposes.

The purified water is essential and is suitable for health because it removes all the impurities and also prevents many diseases like water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis, cholera, typhoid, etc. The purified water is required because it is needed for daily consumption. The RO purifier also removes the hardness of water and makes it soften, which is good for a human being. As the purifier is a combination of many technologies and one of them is the UV (ultraviolet) which is passed, and this kills all the bacteria and microorganisms and makes the water safe and healthy for human beings.

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