Effectively Create Wikipedia Page for Your Organization

Wikipedia is one of the fifth most popular sites around the globe is considered as a number one reference website for marketers to get their brands and products listed. The best way to make your Wikipedia page stick on the site is to get the approval of the Wikipedia editors so it can be published. Creating Wikipedia page for a company is only possible by having a proper information that can benefit the reader somehow. Hence, if you have gathered all the information about your company, then start by researching about your competitors. 

Writing an article on Wikipedia needs to be informative and trusted, which can only happen by providing a complete information referring to the other companies working in the same domain, therefore, competitive analysis is the best point to know before you start writing an article for your company. On the other hand, to have a business page, Wikipedia recommends some tips to you about how to make a Wikipedia page for an organization.

  • Wikipedia must be Notable 

The first step is to create a new Wikipedia article, which completely makes sure that the article’s subject meets notability guideline of Wikipedia. It is basically an encyclopedia that is not a directory. The topic needs to be notable for the article.  Notability means multiple articles about you should have already been covered on popular business publications like CNN, BBC, Times, Forbes, The Hindu, Tech Crunch, Economic Times, Business Standard or similar. The more is the number of articles; the better is the chance of Wikipedia approving your page. When several credible and media outlets to write about a company, which usually indicates good notability and should assist the Wikipedia article are accepted by the social community. “If a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be suitable for a standalone article or list,” according to guidelines of Wikipedia. 

  • Do Not Write or Edit your Own Wiki Article

If you believe that your company passes a notability test, but the volunteers of Wikipedia have not yet written an article for your company, then you may be tempted to take these matters into your hands. It is usually a bad idea to consider DIY approach to Wikipedia. Such Wikipedia DIY contribution also somehow come from people with little or unimportant editing experience of Wikipedia, and they can easily raise red flags in the Wikipedia community. 

When individuals and companies contribute or create their own Wikipedia articles, their aims are often to serve interest rather than making resources that are more valuable for Wikipedia.  This outcome can be subjective if it is not based on promotional. Their wiki pages immediately were flagged and have no enough space for research. They did not work in a correct manner, and then the company should find research and cite it correctly. Additionally, companies can hire better-experienced editors to write or edit your Wikipedia articles. 

  • Disclose Conflicts of Interest and Paid Edits

The conflict of interest guidelines of Wikipedia stated that: “Editors with a financial conflict of interest, including paid editors, are advised not to edit affected articles.” Conflict of Interest means that you should not be the one creating an article about yourself, you can ask another Wikipedia editor to help or you can request Wikipedia to create that article or if you are notable, enough someone will create that article. Another important thing is, if you are going to create a wiki page for your organization then there would be maximum changes of conflict of interest and it doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s notability inclusion guidelines and you will also fail to write about your organization from a neutral point of view as Wikipedia guidelines. Because of this, it will be deleted.

In other words, the non-profit organization mainly operates Wikipedia, they revised its terms and conditions that require paid edits disclosure. In essence, when you are paying to contribute Wikipedia page, either you are as a worker of organization, or as a freelancer or as a PR agency person. Then, you must say it as at least three places: the edit summary connected with your paid edit page, or you have own Wikipedia page, or you contributed on the talk pages that associated with the article.

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