Incredibly Cutting-Edge Data Analytics Application in 2019-2020

Understanding how AI and Machine Learning can help boost your career may seem like a challenging task. But, take a breather now. If you are thinking that you have to restart you education all over again to be an AI Engineer or an IT major, here is a piece of good news for you. 

More than 75% of the AI engineers and Data analysts are certified from open source online programs. That leaves a lot of gap between quality and supply of real talent in the Data Analytics industry. 

Here is a list of incredibly savvy AI ML applications that are hiring for certified professionals from Data Analytics institute in Bangalore and Delhi.

Speech Recognition Software for Aviation and Military Missions 

Recently, we came across dozens of surveillance and military applications in the US that are working with AI ML projects. For operations in the cyber security, forensic, and outstation drones, the US is already using AI for speech recognition and visual interface software. Together with robotics and machine automation, flight operators are training their pilots, flight supervisors and ATC executives with symbiotic AI ML voice recognition tools. NASA is using this technology to design a series of outer space unmanned missions. With pure aviation data analytics, auto-pilots may soon become a thing of the past.

Detecting Deepfakes

Did you know that there are 1000 companies that are faking visual and imagery assets using their deep learning capability. 

Deepfake is nothing about “fake deep learning”, which is a technique used to transform or metamorphose images, content and video with fake profiles. It is largely used to create terror videos, fake news, and porn videos of celebrities.

Deepfakes came to picture only in 2016, post Trump’s election in the US. Many Hollywood celebrities and political leaders have openly spoken about the misuse of AI ML to create deepfakes. To catch and punish deepfake creators, data analysts are working in cyber crime cells are working round the clock. Today, they are able to identify billions of such deep fake images and block malicious websites from posting them to public domains.

User-generated Content

Would you believe that your last ecommerce review that you posted online was used to create a celebrity blog? And, in return it earned $100000 of publicity from leading publishers.  That’s how ecommerce brands and B2B brands are leveraging tons of user generated content to make their profits from TV ads, social media and radio interviews. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are one of the largest repositories of User Generated Content that are used for media intelligence, sentiment analysis and digital marketing.

Industries such as Music, publishing, journalism, Content Design, Visual Arts, and Search analytics are hiring from Data Analytics industry in Bangalore to understand the role of AI ML in human created content. 

With trillions of new data produced every day, there are myriad of other applications developing around AI, ML and Data Analytics. In 2019, you can no longer stay isolated from these developing applications.

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