Why Log Cabins Provide The Perfect Summer Ideal

The winter months are, at long last, behind us. The sun is beginning to shine, the birds are once again chirping to welcome the dawn, and the air is warming to that lovely temperature that only requires a light jacket to get by. Summer is only around the corner, which for many of us signals the best part of the year.

When you have a log cabin, you are able to really enjoy Summer. Here are only a few of the excellent features of log cabins that offer up perks for the average owner.

They Have a Rustic Look

Admit it, a big part of why you chose a log cabin (or are thinking of choosing one) has to do with aesthetic. A log cabin just looks good, with its sturdy wooden beams and classic architecture. Even if it is sitting on the end of suburban block in the middle of a bustling city, it has a rustic feel to it that seems to immediately transport you to the wilderness.

Several people I have spoken to have equated owning a log cabin with their childhoods spent in rural towns, or long days spent out in the woods. There is an old, nostalgic feeling that reminds one of simpler and quieter places and times. In an era that seems to move so fast, it is a nice change of pace.

They Maintain Temperature Well

A lot of modern houses have a tendency to be a bit badly ventilated. Either they get too hot, or they get too cool. It is hard to find anything made out of sheetrock that doesn’t have this problem, whether it is leaking cold or hot air out, or just being too stuffy in certain rooms, and completely cutting off others.

Log cabins are great, because the construction and maintenance require you to monitor the sealing. So they maintain their temperature much more consistently, and are great for all months of the year.

They Are More Eco-Friendly

It is true that for a long time log cabins were maligned as bad for the environment, which is understandable. Back in the old days it required a lot of lumber be chopped down, disturbing ecosystems and reducing trees lines anywhere humans resided. Later on, dangerous chemicals were used for the seals and stains, causing hazards to both the local environment, wildlife, and sometimes the owners of the cabin.

That has changed. Better, more environmentally conscious stains and seals have been created to reduce toxins in the air, and to protect surrounding life. Logs are frequently recycled, repurposed from past structures and reused to reduce the amount of lumber harvested from nearby forests. Whole houses can be made from recycled materials, and it can even be cheaper than new logs.

In contrast, many of the materials used in modern houses are less eco-friendly. They are also more sturdy, and so have to be replaced or repaired more often. That makes it less economical, as well. In the long run, you are making a much more responsible choice going with log cabins.

They Are Easy To Keep Clean

No one wants to spend their summer cleaning the outside of their house. Many people don’t, and the result is dingy looking dwelling that is an eyesore. Log cabins already look great, and they don’t have to constantly be cleaned up. They also don’t stain or settle in dirt the way that siding does, which often can only be fixed with a new paint job, a costly and frustrating task that only solves the issue for a little while.

Log cabins, in contrast, require only occasional maintenance to stay clean and bright. You restain your cabin every three to five years, which replenishes the look of the wood while protecting your house. The seal on the wood also repels water, dirt, and other harmful agents that could otherwise impair the look and structure of your home.

They Look Good With a Garden

OK, not everyone will have a garden, or want one. But try to imagine you are sitting outside in the middle of a lovely collection of sweet smelling flowers. The sun is shining all around you, but you are in the shade, a glass of cold iced tea in one hand, a fascinating book in the other. Your family plays in the grass, maybe splashing in a pool, or running through sprinklers. Behind you, your home stands as an inviting place of welcoming warmth.

It is a pretty good imagine, isn’t it? Something about log cabins just lend themselves to such an idea. They bring to mind images of wholesome fun, of relaxation, and of natural beauty. So if that particular fantasy made you smile and feel like you were sinking into a hot bath on the inside, it might be time to make it a reality. The summertime is the perfect time to do it.

They Give You a Lot To Work With

Perhaps one of the best parts about owning a log cabin is that they are adaptable. You can use them to fit any design taste or purpose. Some people choose to go super old school, mimicking the traditional log cabins their ancestors might have built. Others create modern masterpieces of open space and light, turning it into a paradise of the age. Still more will only use the log cabin to create a secondary house behind their first, using it as a guest house, getaway, or even garden retreat.

The look, purpose, and uses of a log cabin are pretty endless. So whatever it is you are hoping to do, you have plenty of options and examples to choose from.

Log Cabins… A Summer Dream

Obviously, many of the above examples could be applied to any time of the year. But there is something about a log cabin in the summer months that make it especially dreamy. Maybe that is why they are such a popular choice for those looking for summer homes and vacation homes.

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