What to Consider When Placing Your Logo on Custom Mailer Boxes?

If you are selling goods online, you already know how crucial packaging is when it comes to delivering your products in one piece. That said, product packaging is more than just a way to ensure the journey of your product remains safer from storeroom to the customer’s room. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for brands and retailers to make a lasting impression.   

But, how on earth you can use packaging to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition? By printing your brand logo onto your custom mailer boxes. Unfortunately, branding your retail or e-commerce packaging is a bit more complex than just simply slapping your logo on the mailer box and calling it a day. 

To help you out, here we’ll explain what to consider prior placing your logo on your custom mailer boxes. How the right logo printing will lead to increased brand visibility and customer loyalty. 

Significance of Logo Placement

A logo is the signature of your brand. And like a signature, its value comes from consistency. If you want your target audience to remember your business or brand, make sure to set and follow the standards for how you use your brand logo. An ideal way to create consistency is through logo guidelines.  

Wondering what are logo guidelines? 

These guidelines tell you how you should and shouldn’t use your logo. If you have gained the services of a professional graphic designer to make your brand logo, you can ask him or her to attach logo guidelines along with the logo files. However, if you are using an online tool to create your logo, check if it provides advice for logo use. 

When you are all set to add your logo to your mailer boxes wholesale supply design, you will need these guidelines: 

  • Color Variations 
  • Logo Elements 
  • Clear Space 
  • Unacceptable Use 
  • Color Variations 

Typically, it includes the black and white version, primary variation and any other options of your logo that you may need on special events or occasions. When you are choosing printed materials like bags of boxes, it’ll be easier for your packaging partner to match some color variations. Whereas others may show up off-brand and off-color.   

  • Logo Elements 

Symbols and wordmark are other important components that make up your logo. You can use both if you have ample space on your packaging. However, if space is limited, you can go with the wordmark, but the symbol might work best for you.

  • Clear Space 

If you want your target audience to take note of the logo, you need to give it some space. Use clear space guidelines to figure out how much space you need to maintain around your brand logo at all times. In addition, you get to learn about the exclusion zone, safety zone or padding. In brief, the clear area is an important part of the logo guidelines and following these rules will help you achieve success. 

A logo can be crafted in any shape or size, but it must also follow the same basic rule for clear space. As a general rule of thumb, you should look to maintain a border of 10 percent of the total width at all times when placing your logo on business cards, custom mailer box packaging or retail signboards. 

This means you need to make sure your custom mailer boxes have at least one centimeter of clear space around all sides of your brand logo. So when deciding on your logo placement avoid using the packing’s dimensions to calculate empty space. 

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