Whys of Wikipedia as one of the Best Content Marketing Platform

Wikipedia the 9 letter word can let you know about 9 billion things in the world. It is just not a word but it a source of information for the entire world about the entire world. The website that was created as an online encyclopedia has now become the biggest encyclopedia in the world and it is no surprise that even content marketers have looked at it as a potential platform that they can get to.

But this is not just because it is listed in the top-visited website but there are a lot of other things that have made people realize that it is definitely one of the most potent content marketing platforms in the recent times. Why? Is the question that would have risen up the minds of most people reading this but what is coming next would answer this question just perfectly. Here are a few reasons for the same.

1.Millions of Visits Regularly

The first focus that content marketers have in terms of selecting the platform is to get to a platform that has maximum reach and what else can you consider for that then a website that is fifth in the list of most visited websites. Wikipedia has around 29 million approximate visits on a regular basis and this is the very first reason to consider this as your potential content marketing platform.

2.Back Links For Conversion

Conversion is one thing that cannot be neglected in the marketing strategies and the entire strategies and plans revolve around the conversion which Wikipedia has for sure offered with backlinking. Wikipedia allows you to have the backlinks in your page which can be used to direct the readers to your home page or the desired website. Isn’t that something amazing?

3.Track Numbers and Stats

Well, to find out the accurate targets to hit your game of numbers and stats should be strong because data is one of the biggest industries in contemporary times. It makes you identify things about customers, trends, and patterns. This is what Wikipedia has also brought in for you. It can let you track all the activities that are happening on your page and then you can use these numbers to strategize your future plans. This is how Wikipedia can help you in your further plans.

4.Keep It Updated

Well, it is not easy for content marketers to keep updating a page or information on the same link. Most of the content marketing platforms do not offer this feature but Wikipedia is not like them. It lets you update things whenever you want. Wikipedia page could be updated as many times as you want to update it and every update could let your target audience know about things that you have brought. This is a great way to work on keeping the target audience updated and a major feature that has made Wikipedia become one of the most chosen content marketing platforms.


Well, costs are a part that every marketer has to take contemplations upon but working with Wikipedia surely the last thing you have to worry about is costs. Wikipedia charges nothing from the Wikipedia writing service  and lets them have a page for absolutely free. Isn’t this enough of a motivation to get a Wikipedia page? I mean getting a million visits in a few days for no costs is absolutely a great idea you know!

Well, Wikipedia was and is an online encyclopedia and this fact cannot be kept out of this blog. But content marketing with awareness creation purposes could be done for sure. With all of the features and benefits that have been mentioned above it for sure is a great course of attention for the content marketers in this time.

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