Uber for Kids app: Develop kids ride-sharing app & be the early player in the industry

The United States has always been quite enterprising as a country. A survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor in 2016 has revealed that about 60% of the families had both parents working. The numbers might not be completely true but there is not much variation that can be expected in reality.

This would mean that a lot of parents will have to balance between their commute to the office and dropping their children to school. It is a lot more troublesome than it sounds. In a time when they are expected to be calm and composed, chaos reign supremely. This leads to a lot of tension during the morning hours. The tension also extrapolates into unproductive work during the day for parents and loss of peace of mind for the children.

What if there was a service that would bring relief to parents? What if there was a service that would take care of dropping children in school without compromising on security and safety? What if this pickup and drop could be arranged on-demand which can be facilitated by a set of qualified and verified drivers?

The answer is a firm ‘yes’ to all the questions above. The answer is made possible with applications that function as exclusive Uber for kids.

What is Uber for Kids?

As the name implies, Uber for kids is an on-demand transportation solution for children. It is designed to be secure, safe, affordable and reliable. Developing such a safe app for ride-hailing is possible with a ready-made solution like Uber clone app. It is comprises of pre-loaded features and inbuilt business and revenue model to provide a smooth functioning of the app. 

How does Uber for Kids work?

Uber for kids works very much similar to how any on-demand transportation platform would work. Using an application, parents can book a ride for their kids. The driver picks the kid up and drops them off at school. At the end of the day, a driver can also pick the student up and drop them in their home.

What Does it Mean for the Parents?

This application can be expected to relieve a lot of stress for the parents especially during the time when they need to be focused and in peace. It is expected that a lot of parents would welcome this service which makes it a lucrative opportunity for an entrepreneur. 

The Scope for This Business

A report by ‘Employment Characteristics of Families’ Has shown that about 71.5 percent of the population with children under 18 where is their working or looking for a job. What makes this number even more interesting is that the percentage is 10% higher than it was in 2016.

One of the most basic challenges for any new business is to break the traditional representation and functioning of service. When it comes to school transportation, it has always been school buses. However, there are a lot of advantages that are brought about by Uber for kids. School buses do not have a tracking system which might be an added security aspect for parents.

Creating a Business

As discussed earlier, Uber for kids is a definite business opportunity that holds the floodgates to humongous profits. However, the classic Uber model cannot be applied here. For example, it might not be a good idea to include surge pricing. It is to be understood that search pricing works only with an excessively high number of users. The number of users for Uber for kids is expected to be quite limited.

The payment model for drivers can also be varied. Like how Uber works, you can choose to pay the drivers according to the number of trip that they have done and the distance they have traveled. Alternatively, you can also choose to pay the drivers a fixed amount per month which does not take into account the number of rides.

The Essential Features

The Uber for kids application might be similar to Uber in a lot of ways but it needs to have a few essential features that make it stand out. 

  • The process of signing up should be simple and straightforward. The details that are required for signup should be minimal.
  • The profile of both the drivers and the users should be verified and well documented. It goes a long way in preventing misuse of personal data and in unwarranted activities.
  • The location of the user should be fetched automatically when booking a ride. 
  • The notifications for the parents should be quite active and they should get notified with every action.
  • The users should track the location of their kids. 
  • Geofencing can be set up, so the driver does not wander out of the designated area and the users are notified if something on those lines happens.
  • The app can also have a feature to talk to the driver with the click of a button.
  • That should be an elaborate rating system that can help parents share their experiences with a service provider or with a particular driver.

Creating an Uber for kids app 

Except for the features of added security, communication and tracking, Uber for kids is very much similar to its parent application. There are a lot of Uber for kids clones that are available in the market.

They have been success stories that have been scripted by players like ZumRide and VanGo. Now would a perfect time for an entrepreneur to capitalize on this wave and create a profitable business out of it.

There are app development companies with a prompt and talented technical team that will customize your Uber for kids App and have it delivered to you in a very short time. After all, time is an important resource and the Uber clone script will help you start your business in the quickest possible time.

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