Is There Any Scope or Future for Nanotechnology in India?

The origin of nanotechnology dates back to 16 years from now. While the United States holds the first rank as it possesses 51.7% of all nanotechnology patents in USPTO (as per 2017 data), India still is at the initiation stage. 

In the efforts of promoting the research on features of nanotechnology, the Indian government started a 5-year program called Nano Mission with a budget of USD 250 million. 

The Emergence of Nanotechnology in India

What is Nanotechnology?

It is the science of study and application of extremely tiny things, nanoparticles, and materials which has a size range in nanometres. It has significant use in drug manufacturing and diagnosis of disease in healthcare. 

Applications of nanotechnology can be in the following sectors 

  • Healthcare & medicine
  • Biotechnology 
  • Space Research 
  • Food
  • Agriculture, etc. 

Nanotechnology in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, it has unseen benefits that are yet to explore. India is employing nanotechnology for the active composition of drugs, rapid diagnosis of diseases, and for delivering vaccines. Medical professionals can use a loan for doctors to implement nanotechnology to provide healthcare.     

Prospects of nanotechnology

When compared to IT and the internet, nanotechnology in India is the third highest emerging sector. The Indian government has already taken a keen interest in nanoscience and technology and started initiatives to encourage more people into this still-emerging sector.  

The future holds enormous possibilities for nanotechnology enthusiasts. Career prospects in India seem bright as it has a skilled workforce that can help reach the goal of becoming a global leader in nanotechnology. 

There is comparative scope for nanotechnology in India. Individuals want to excel in nanotechnology by becoming a researcher, professor, scientist, medical scientist, or an engineer. However, the cost of studying and research may require a considerable sum. For example, doctors that further wish to research or study can avail loan for doctors from a reputed financial institution and continue their passion. The sectors which are highly potent of benefitting from nanotechnology are –

  • Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Study of life science and findings etc. 

The formation of tiny things with distinct features and properties are proving to be extremely useful in various industries. These features of nanotechnology are what make it more intriguing to study. 

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