How To Delete Facebook Account in Easily Manner?

If you are frustrated Facebook friends, messages, Facebook notifications, status update and regular posts on Facebook that divert your mind in another direction. If you are thinking about the Facebook account is not required for you because it is a time-wasting. You feel that you simply are not doing your work perfectly reason for Facebook. in this situation, you’re thinking about to delete a Facebook account. it’s not too delete as difficult as you think that.

Here I shall completely guide how to delete facebook account in a simple manner. but no matter any reason, you want to delete your Facebook account. Before deleting account continuously keep your mind some important point because deleting Facebook account may be a more critical drawback. If you permanently erase your Facebook account.Some necessary equipment required before deleting Facebook account

  1. Internet supportable devices such as mobile 3G or 4G, laptop, tablet, etc.
  2.  Internet connection, Sim card with internet pack
  3. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Ask.


Firstly you will log in to your Facebook account in any web browser such as google chrome, Firefox  Mozilla, etc.


You will type the following Url help/delete account  in any browser and search. This type of page appears on your screen. Right side bottom on the page, you will find 2 buttons Cancel and Delete account.

Step 3-

Now you will click Delete account Button

Final step-

After clicking the delete account button your Facebook account will have a schedule for deletion. After some days your account will have deleted but I highly recommend to you before deleting, you are required to download an archive of your Facebook data.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

  • Click on the Triangle dropdown icon at the highest right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Your Facebook data.
  • Now select inactivity and deletion.
  • Select Deactivate Account and still account deactivation.
  • Confirm your password and click on Continue

 How to delete your Facebook account permanently

  • Click on the triangle dropdown icon at the highest right corner of your Facebook page.

  • Go to Settings.

  • Click on Your Facebook info.

  • Now select inactivity and deletion.

  • Select for good delete the account and still account deletion.

  • Click the Delete account.

How to Delete Connected Apps on Facebook

Removing the apps you have used your Facebook account to log into could be a sensible plan if you’re on your method towards good deleting it. 

  • Here’s what you would like to do:1. Now in the Settings page, go to Apps and Websites and click. You’ll be presented with lists of active, invalid and removed apps. To delete an active app, tick the box next to that and click on Remove:
  •  invalid apps now not request your personal info, but you can still log into them with your account. you can edit the information they request, otherwise, you will take away them altogether.

TIP: Removing your connected apps isn’t demand if you would like to delete your Facebook account for good. However, accessing a connected app along with your Facebook account could need you to cancel the deletion method if you’ve started it already.


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