Painting your house is possible if you possess the right tools and an ample amount of time on your watch. Depending on the size of your house and the number of helpers you have, it is safe to say it will take you a couple of weekends if you have to work in the mornings for a job.

You might want to make it a DIY project and think of saving the money from hiring a painter, but as much tempting as it sounds to you, the reality begs to differ. The best interior painting companies will provide you with a professional finish to your interior walls. There is a big gap of experience when it comes to painting your own house by yourself and by a professional.

In a survey done in Redmond WA, most of the homeowners were not satisfied with their results in DIY painting the house, internal or external. Below are some facts as to why you need a professional interior painter for your house.


Let’s face it. A professional who has painted multiple houses over the years will by now have developed a certain speed and techniques on how to paint efficiently and swiftly. You cannot come close to the speed of a professional interior painter. He will be well versed in the color schemes, will quickly understand the theme and look you are trying to pull off, and will even provide you with expert advice.

It takes a whole lot of time when painting all by yourself. Shifting the furniture, covering the furniture from paint drops and sprays, finding the right tools and equipment. The professional will come with all the supplies at hand for the paint job. He will have all the special tools required to paint the wall.


You cannot expect less from a professional. A professional will give you the best quality of results that you cannot even imagine in achieving by yourself. You can miss spots on the walls while painting. Or didn’t make the wall primed before painting. The professional will take care of minute details that can skip from an average person’s eye.

They will sand the wall and prime it before painting. They will fill all the cracks and holes with the right mixture of solutions. Because they are professionals, that’s what they do and are experts in.


You are paying a professional painting company in Redmond WA to do your paint job. All that money will be well spent because you would do more damage than benefit. An average person lacks the expertise to make the paint stick and stay for a long time. You might think you painted extraordinarily, but after a month or two, the paint will start flaking off or peeling. Why? Because you didn’t know how much water was needed to be added in the mixture for filling cracks and holes, and you don’t know how to prime the surfaces.

Therefore hiring a professional company is more beneficial in the long term, than doing it all by yourself and having to another coat of paint in the coming months.


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