Ideas on how to spend a weekend at home

Weekends exist for us to take a rest following a bustling week, yet a few things for a weekend at home are important. We waste our weekends and drain out energy in useless things, usually time spent either doing pending office work or in an unplanned cycle of rest, eating or drinking, or silly activities. However, a great weekend should refuel your soul and revive you for whatever the week ahead will bring. 

Here is how you can spend your weekend productively yet relaxing at home.

1- Organize your ideas, plan your agenda

This may not sound fun, however it’s really one of the most productive things to do over the weekend at home. It’s important to have a daily agenda even in the form of a to-do-list on the weekends to make the most of your time and get enough time to rest also. Additionally, when you have a well-organized place and sorted mind you will want to invest more energy at home. And, don’t panic about monday blues. Plan a loose agenda for the upcoming days.

2- Arrange your closet

Wardrobe is one of those things that gets messy real easily and once in a while you gotta pull out everything and rearrange it. Sort everything out and place them in proper places where you can find them easily, so you don’t run around looking for things at the very last moments. This will also help you declutter stuff and make space for new stuff. This can take a little more time than you expect and the best time to do so, is the weekend. Play your favourite music and get started.

3- Workout

The workout is important for health and overall fitness. It doesn’t only keep you physically fit but also keeps your mind fresh. It helps reduce anxiety. If you can’t squeeze in time for a workout during working days, workout on weekends. Not only for weekends but schedule a workout routine for the entire week. Do stretching or yoga moves, as per your convenience.

4- Read

It’s great if you have a habit of reading regularly, yet it’s kind of different when you can commit some time of the weekend reading a book or a magazine. You will have the option to unwind and concentrate more on what you’re reading since you won’t be diverted or in a race to do different things a while later. Whether you need certain information or break to an alternate world, invest some time with a book.

5- Get creative in the kitchen

If you love cooking and there is a pang of guilt haunting you that you can’t cook much during the week, this can be a great time for you to refresh your mind. Research studies have found that cooking helps reduce stress. It is a therapy of its own. Cook your favourite meals and allow yourself to get creative in the kitchen. Do groceries, try out new dishes and enjoy with family. Perhaps, making a yummy bowl full of Grilled Caesar salad like that of Cafe Bistrovia is a great idea to start with.

6- Invite friends

The weekend is a great time to get along with friends and loosen up with them. Invite your friends over your place or go over theirs for a brunch or casually catch up with them. Share your long week stories, or share with them if something is bothering you. Opening up to friends and staying in their company is kind of therapeutic. It relieves stress and gives you a moment to collect memories. Watch a movie with them, enjoy a low-key party and order yummy food from your favourite food joint. 

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7- Do what you like

Invest some time in doing what you like. Pursue your interests. Be it writing, gardening, cooking, painting or anything you like doing. Do what makes you happy. Treat yourself right and rest, obviously. 

Spare out time for yourself. Take a nap, get a nice mani-pedi from a salon and pamper yourself.

8- Spend time with loved ones

Quality time spent with those you adore is always very well spent. Regardless of whether it’s kids, your significant other, parents and siblings, friends, use weekends to reconnect with them. If you have pets, spend time with them too. Later in life, these are the moments you miss and cherish with them.

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