Want to know what AKD group does? Let’s dig deep into the whole of it

Youngsters are living in a fictional world of their own thinking that life is much easier. They don’t see the reality, following others dreams might only create chaos in your life until and unless you figure out what you want to become. 

Choosing a career has also now become a trend, many youngsters of Pakistan chose to engineer in 2009, want to know why? Because of the famous 3 idiots movie, they got inspired by it and thought of pursuing engineering as their career option. But now in the current slot, there is a great phenomenon known as entrepreneurship which has rightfully managed to gain hype among the young minds. 

The young generation is specifically targeted in this subject because when they enter college or university, they might think of themselves as the famous successful entrepreneur. Thinking to become an entrepreneur is not a bad thing, but doing without any research is the worst thing someone can do. And that’s the thing our youth are doing, every single day, a lot of young entrepreneurs start their business and after few months they fail. They don’t understand the reality of it, don’t study it properly, it’s great to be efficient but being over efficient can get you in the dust of failure. 

Pakistan’s famous and richest entrepreneur who dominate over the real estate and financial services to telecom and infrastructure. His company’s net worth value is more than $1 Billion, along with that he owns various companies and his personal contribution to the economy of Pakistan is marvelous. The person I am talking about is none other than Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. He is the same man who revolutionized the concept of stock trading and the realms of the real estate market in the country. 

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is an inspiration for the youth, who really want to get into the field of entrepreneurship, the way he worked hard day and night, faced lots of hurdles, but didn’t give up. Now he’s a billionaire who owns his own organization known as “AKD Group”. Despite earning billions and living a great blessed life, he did not forget where he came from and has been found involved in various charitable activities and social work. 

What does AKD group do? AKD group is the GEM of the real estate market with an exclusive numerous residential and commercial areas in Pakistan. Operating varieties of enterprises in main sectors in Pakistan, which helping Pakistan’s economy in profit manner. Services include: including financial services, telecom, infrastructure, manufacturing, and natural resources. 

Especially for all the youngster out there, prefer getting inspired by other entrepreneurs, people that you are awesome. For Pakistani youth, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is the person that can clearly inspire you if you want to become a legit entrepreneur. One thing which every entrepreneur should keep in mind is that you should never get afraid of getting failed, because once you do feel scared then you entrepreneurship career is over. 

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