The 3 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid In Starting A Home Business

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Starting a home service leads business today is a most worthwhile endeavor, especially given the economy and down-sizing or loss of jobs. If you are looking to start such a business, you need to educate yourself and be aware of common mistakes that many individuals make. If not, you are setting yourself up for frustration and even failure right from the get-go.

Marketing is the best paid profession and you certainly need to know how to market properly today. Be wary of those who tout that this or that is THE way, or the ONLY way to grow your business. Marketing, like any other industry or venue, has changed significantly over the past 20 years or more. Many within the home business industry, including the companies themselves, are still using marketing methods that came out of the 1960’s. They no longer work or are simply ineffective today. We are in the age of the internet, the Internet and Mobile Age as some say. So in starting a home business, you need to educate and even invest in you, your most important resource. Avoid these three most common mistakes:

1. Join a Company Because Of the Opportunity.

Starting a home purchase leads business because of the opportunity presented to you, especially without understanding or getting behind the product or service associated with that company, I believe, is the first most common and flawed mistake. Starting a business in this manner is leading with the almighty dollar and, although money is important, it should never be the be-all and end-all. Realize that there are thousands of companies with opportunities today. Which is the best opportunity? The one with a viable product or service that has credibility, along with demand in the market place, and that is a niche for you. By this I mean that the product or service should be something you believe in, will use yourself, and that you become passionate enough about to want to share it to help others

And that’s exactly what to do instead. Find a company with a product or service that fits you, is your niche and then learn how to market it properly by getting in the path of individuals who need, want and desire your solution. Become a problem solver to help others. By starting your home business this way, becoming an expert and leader based on the product/service you offer, you will get better results and achieve success. Remember that companies are in business and have value because of their products or services; there is no opportunity otherwise. I hope this makes sense.

2. Prospect Anyone and Everybody Convincing Them That You Have What They Need.

When you start a home business, unfortunately, you may be told to make a list of everyone you know: your friends, family, colleagues, better known as your warm market. Believe me, these are not your best prospects. Anyone and everybody are not your prospects. Stay away from the convincing game or asking people to just try your product or do you a favor and come to a meeting, etc. You don’t know what they need and you do not want to appear as a desperate for business. Marketing properly involves determining who your best prospects are; what their pain or problem is and why they want and desire your product or services. Focus on their needs vs. yours and, at all cost, avoid taking advantage of or damaging your personal relationships.

What to do instead? Learn how to target your best prospects. The vast majority of prospects who need, want, and desire your solution are searching for it on the Internet. So by positioning yourself with your own professional website on the www with a keyword-rich domain name and a call to action can have prospects literally finding you and asking you for more information. Doesn’t this make more sense? I’m not talking about a company replicated website here either. I’m talking about your very own data capture page that establishes your credibility as an expert and a leader in your niche.

3. Buying Expensive Opportunity-Seeking Leads.

Rule of thumb, never pay more than twenty-five cents a name. I say this right upfront because many lead-generating companies, some associated with the company you join, will recommend buying opportunity leads. They generally run anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 a name and sometimes $50 or even $100. Unconscionable! You might be told that you can close 1 in 10; however, that may not even cover your costs. Those odds are not good. Listen, the truth is that these types of leads are too costly, they are not targeted (meaning, these prospects have not indicated that they are interested in your product or service; in fact, they may be job-seekers and you do not offer a job, you offer an opportunity which is very different), and finally, these leads have been around the blocks a few times. Chances are that when you call, the individual has already been offer 2-3 or more other opportunities. I’m here to warn you that this is a waste of your time, your money, and your energy.

What do you do then instead? Learn how to generate your own leads is the best option. This involves having your own professional website, as the CEO of your home business, and getting targeted prospects to visit your website and opt in for a free offer which will build your very own data base. Having leads, an unending supply of leads, is the lifeline of your home business. Imagine waking up every day with 5, 10 or more prospects reaching out to you and developing the skill to close 3 in 10? Now the odds are in your favor to achieve success.

These are the three most common mistakes to avoid in starting your home business. Knowing how to target your prospects, position yourself on the Internet, and generate your own leads is what most home business owners are lacking. These are proven marketing skills to gain.

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