On-demand Services Business Model: How it became a successful million-dollar business idea

To start with, let’s have a detailed look at how on-demand services made the life of Amanda John easy. She is staying away from her parents, and they used to visit her once in a while. On one such occasion, she couldn’t find the time to clean the room where her parents used to stay during their visits. She was caught up with her busy work schedule, yet she didn’t want her parents to stay in the room without cleaning it. She remembered a conversation that she had early in the morning with her friend, where she was telling her about an app providing on-demand services. 

She picked up her phone and installed an on-demand app that caters to multiple needs of the users. She went through the service she was looking for and found a service provider whose profile matched her needs. A few clicks let her book a service provider to fulfill her needs. Now she can welcome her parents with a wide grin and a clean home. On-demand app services came to her rescue. 

On-demand services are an ideal solution for the people who seek a convenient, fast, and good quality service. It connects the users who need help to get something done to those who can provide instant solutions to those problems. This explains the importance of the on-demand app business and the reason behind it becoming a successful million-dollar business idea. 

The reasons why on-demand business is seeing an increasing demand are:


One of the critical factors that increase the value of the on-demand platform is the ease-of-living and comfort it brings to its users. People are more inclined to services that can be availed in real-time with a few taps on their phones. As more on-demand app businesses crept into the industry, the economy started to offer more convenient options that can be availed by the users anytime, anywhere.

Nearby service availability

The customers find it attractive when a service is available in the vicinity and will be delivered to their doorstep, as and when required. It helps them eliminate the burden of traveling from one destination to another to get a job done. Also, it saves a whole lot of time and effort.


The services availed through on-demand business costs way less than the services obtained through traditional methods. Also, the users don’t have to spend money on transportation that is allocated to avail the service.

Secure payment options

Another primary reason for users to choose on-demand services is the multiple payment options they offer. The users can pay the service providers with just a few clicks. That is why many businesses have integrated various payment gateways on their on-demand applications.

What it takes to be a successful on-demand app

More personalization

On-demand services have entered almost all businesses, and hence, more personalization is the only option left for companies to stay unique among their competitors. Responsiveness and adaptability to the increasing demands of users will help companies expand their business operations.

Launching such a multi service on-demand app has been made easy with a ready-made solution like Gojek clone app. It comes with pre-loaded features and a stable business/revenue model for your app.

Providing a smooth and transparent experience to the users

Thanks to advancing technology and users looking for a better experience, old ways of doing business are being transformed. All the on-demand services depend on technology, making it essential to stay stable, reliable, and cutting edge. These aid in ordering, booking, and carrying out the business operations with ease. Everything right from timely scheduling to timely delivery depends on technology. This helps businesses to not only grow but also succeed.

Flexibility it offers

The most defining quality of on-demand service apps is that they offer their services exactly when their customers need them. Unlike traditional business methods, the user doesn’t have to provide any commitment to get the desired service catered to them.

Stats on the ever-growing on-demand economy

According to Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy attracts 22.4 million consumers every year, who spend $57.6 billion on them. These on-demand services include food delivery, transportation, healthcare, grocery, freelancing, hyperlocal services, home care services, etc. 

49% of on-demand users are millennials. Around 30% of the users are in the age group of 35 to 54. This growth and activity of the on-demand sector are not going to seize any time soon, making it safe for businesses to set foot into the on-demand app business.

Bottom line

The on-demand economy is continually growing, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Embrace the opportunity before your competitors do. You can either have an app that offers a specific on-demand service, or an app that provides multiple services in a single platform, like a Gojek clone app

It’s not essential to develop the app from scratch. You can also go for clone apps as these are the trend in the current on-demand market. Get in touch with the leading app development company in town to get the on-demand services app of your choice built in the shortest timeframe possible.

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