6 Foods That Will Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When it comes to dental health, flossing and brushing your teeth daily are not the only ways to prevent cavities and other dental problems. The foods we eat are also a very important part of our dental health. The right food choices can make your teeth strong, bright, and help them serve you for your whole life. 

Let’s look at six products that help keep your teeth shiny and healthy: 

1. Xylitol

Studies suggest that xylitol prevents tooth decay and supports dental health. This is due to certain compounds contained in this natural sweetener which reduce the cavity provoking bacteria. Unlike sugar, xylitol is not digestible for the bad bacteria which means they can’t feed on it and end up dying. Using sugar-free gum with xylitol on a daily basis will beneficial for your teeth. 

2. Chicken Liver  

Chicken liver is good for your teeth as it contains a lot of vitamin K2 which is essential for your teeth. Vitamin K2 provides your teeth and bones with calcium and prevents the deposition of calcium in the arteries. In fact, a lack of vitamin K2 is a common cause of dental problems in children in North America. 

People who have access to meat and organs from grass-fed animals have strong and healthy teeth naturally due to a sufficient amount of K2 in their diets. The liver from grass-fed chickens contains vitamin K2 in abundance. 

3. Dark Chocolate 

It may sound surprising but chocolate can keep your teeth healthy. The cacao compound CBH found in dark chocolate makes teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities and sensitivity. To get the most benefit, choose dark chocolate with a cacao content of 75% or higher. 

4. Snap Peas 

Snap peas are perfect for a snack due to their high fiber content which scrubs the teeth and removes biofilm and plaque buildup. If you’re not a fan of snap peas, you can choose other fruits and veggies with high fiber content. It’s always better than filling cavities

5. Water 

Water is vital for healthy teeth since it provides saliva production which helps to neutralize acids and prevent bad breath and tooth decay. Therefore, it’s necessary to stay hydrated in order to keep saliva production and thus dental health. 

6. Black and Green Tea 

Black and green tea contains a huge amount of polyphenols which makes this drink beneficial for your oral health. During every meal, you’re feeding cavity-causing bacteria and they excrete acid that affects your teeth and causes tooth decay. But the polyphenols suppress bad bacteria and prevent your teeth from acid attack. 

To keep your dental health, you also need to know foods that can harm your teeth. Knowing them, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems. These foods include: 

1. Sports and energy drinks 

Did you know that each sport and energy drink contains high levels of acids and sugar that can lead to the first signs of tooth decay in only five days? Moreover, they are able to corrode tooth enamel down to the dentin, considering the fact that tooth enamel is the hardest surface in your body. 

2. Lemon water

People often use lemon water for health benefits but actually, lemons are highly acidic. Any food high in acids including lemons and lemon juice weakens tooth enamel. Try not to consume it every day and wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. 

3. Dried fruits 

People usually think that dried fruits are healthy but they are worse than candies for your teeth. They easily stick to the teeth and make harmful bacteria produce more acid. In addition to dried fruits, try to avoid sticky foods even if they seem healthy. 

4. Sugar-free soda   

If soda doesn’t contain sugar, this doesn’t mean it’s safe for your teeth. All sodas are high in acids that can ruin our teeth. Soda lovers who consume it throughout the whole day are at high risk of tooth loss. 

5. Kombucha

Kombucha is famous for its health benefits:

  • This drink is a great source of probiotics 
  • It contains antioxidants 
  • Kombucha may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • It may protect against cancer 

Despite, its excellent health benefits, kombucha can be harmful to your teeth due to its high acid content. Drink plenty of water with your kombucha to neutralize acids and reduce the risk of damage to your teeth. 

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