Getting Rid of Acne Before The Wedding

If you are planning your wedding day, you surely will want to make everything perfect. But acne is something that can spoil even the most beautiful image. Despite the fact that there is no magic wand that will make your skin look perfect on your wedding, proper skin practices can help improve your acne condition. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of acne before your wedding.

Start as early as you can

In order to achieve the best results, it is better to visit your doctor and create a treatment plan as soon as possible. You can try a lot of over-the-counter medications without any significant improvement before finding a product that works for you. Acne treatments don’t work the same for each person so you may have to try a few options before picking the most suitable one for your condition. 

You can ask a dermatologist about some effective over-the-counter medicines if your acne is not severe. If needed, discuss acne scars treatment options with your doctor. Even if your acne scars are not visible yet, they may appear when acne begins to clear and an uneven skin tone can develop over time. 

20 weeks before the wedding

First and foremost you need to cope with stress. You are probably planning your wedding and stress is your best friend now. Some studies showed that there is a connection between the severity of acne and stress. That’s why you need to take a deep breath and get rid of stress. 

Reading, cycling, yoga, or another activity you like may be very beneficial. Even if reducing stress doesn’t make your acne disappear, you will be able to stay calm and more effectively plan your wedding.

16 weeks before the wedding

Even if you are very busy with all the wedding preparations, you shouldn’t interrupt your course of acne treatment. Don’t let worries put your acne treatment on the back burner and try not to waste precious time. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to visit your dermatologist even if your schedule is very busy. 

Despite the fact that your skin may become clean by now, the treatment is not over yet. You should also know that all these acne treatments cannot completely cure the problem, but they help maintain your skin condition. So if you sharply stop your treatment when you obtain the desired results, your acne may return.

8 weeks before the wedding

During the last two months before your wedding, you need to carefully plan all your facial procedures. Try to plan your regular procedures so that the last procedure is carried out at least two weeks before the wedding day. 

You should also avoid facial procedures like chemical peels or microdermabrasion during the last week before the wedding to avoid having redness and spots. We are sure your make-artist won’t be really excited trying to cover those up. But if you really want to visit a salon for relaxation, choose massage or pedicure instead.

10 days before the wedding

If there are just several days left before your wedding day, you should avoid switching to a new treatment method. This is not the proper time to try different facial creams or procedures because you don’t know how your skin will react to them. 

And don’t even try to pop any pimple on your face, because you increase the risk of getting huge red acne that you wouldn’t be able to hide. The only thing you can do is monitor and try to maintain your skin condition. Remember that make-up is able to hide a little spot but it can’t handle a fresh scat or big pimple.

1 day before the wedding

If you woke up in the morning and found a big pimple on your cheek, cortisone injections can help you. This procedure is able to reduce inflammation and make the skin tone look more even. Calm down and consult your doctor about cortisone injections. 

Your wedding day

Even if your skin doesn’t look perfect, you should remember one important thing. This is your wedding! Don’t panic and don’t let this little issue spoil your marvelous day. Fortunately, we have make-up that can do wonders with our faces, so drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and let your makeup artist create beauty. 

If you are doing your own make-up, you should start with a green concealer since it perfectly covers redness. Then use your usual foundation or concealer and fix everything with powder.

You should also know that you are the only person who knows about your scars and pimples. Moreover, other people probably won’t notice or pay enough attention to your skin problems. So don’t get discouraged and have fun at your wedding!

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