Top 7 Skincare Tips to Keep in Mind Following Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin deserves all of your attention, especially after a laser session. The time after the laser therapy sessions is crucial as your skin is sensitive, inflamed, and prone to irritation. Not taking the right steps towards your skincare will not only reduce the effectiveness of laser but will also lead to unwanted side effects. 

Here are the skincare essentials that you should keep in mind following your laser rejuvenation sessions. 

1. Never Scrub Your Face After a Laser Therapy Session

This is something that you should absolutely avoid. NEVER scrub your face following a laser therapy session. Your skin is quite sensitive following a laser session and is in the process of restoring its layers. Scrubbing will only worsen the skin sensitivity. Not to mention, it will be quite painful as well. Not just scrubbing, you should avoid rubbing soap or any other kind of strong facewash over your face for a few days following your session. 

2. Avoid Makeup if You Can

Sorry ladies! Not good news but it is only temporary. Your skin is quite vulnerable following a laser skin rejuvenation session. Your skin is slightly inflamed, has an increased supply of blood to it, and has got open skin pores as well. Applying any makeup is more likely to irritate your skin. The chemicals in the makeup are likely to get stuck inside the open skin pores as well. 

This is likely to irritate your skin more. Not to mention, using the kind of makeup that does not go well with your skin can trigger inflammation and can lead to a skin outbreak. So go easy on your makeup kits and give your skin a break. 

3. Avoid All Skincare Products Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Retinoid  

You should also absolutely avoid all skincare products containing alpha hydroxy acid and retinoid for at least two to four weeks following a laser therapy session. Both alpha hydroxy acid and retinoid are powerful exfoliant and antioxidant chemicals. These can cause an extreme degree of irritation if used inappropriately. 

Following a laser rejuvenation session is not the right time to use such skincare products. 

Alpha hydroxy acid and retinoid are chemicals that are specifically present in anti-acne therapies. They are also part of exfoliant lotions, scrubs, and creams. Remember to read the labels of all skincare products before you buy them, especially after a laser therapy session. 

4. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

You should avoid excessive exposure to the sun following a laser session. That’s for several reasons. First, exposure to the sun can irritate your vulnerable skin and can trigger inflammation, redness, rash, and pain. Second, exposure to the sun can trigger uneven skin pigmentation. This can drastically change the outcomes of your laser therapy. 

You should cover yourself whenever you go out. Also, keep yourself hydrated when going out. This helps keep your skin hydrated as your skin loses far more water following a laser skin rejuvenation session than it normally does. 

5. Avoid Tanning Sessions and Tanning Products 

Tanning increases your skin exposure to the notorious UV rays. An increased burden of these rays, especially after a laser therapy session, can increase the risk of skin photo-damage. What’s more is that excessive UV rays to the skin that is vulnerable might increase the risk of abnormal skin cell division as well. Also, try to avoid the use of tanning products as they may cause a lot of damage and irritation to your skin. 

6. Get Some Help for the Pain and Swelling

If you are someone who is sensitive to pain then you should let your doctor or the person performing the procedure beforehand. They can use an anesthetic spray to numb the pain. 

The pain and swelling are generally self-limiting and goes away in a couple of days to weeks. 

If you are struggling with pain, you can ask your doctor about some pain relief. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the best kind to use. These include aspirin and ibuprofen. These medicines help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. If the swelling is really bad that your doctor might also prescribe a short course of steroids as well. 

7. Do Not Forget To Moisturize Your Skin

The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it moisturized. Putting a good moisturizer over your skin helps create a layer of fluid over your skin that can keep your skin’s water from escaping. Use a gentle and natural moisturizer. The best kind you can use including natural aloe vera based moisturizers. 

Apply it two to three times a day as it will help with the irritation and swelling as well. 

To conclude, laser skin rejuvenation is an effective procedure with an excellent safety profile. There are some side effects as well, however, with proper post-procedure care, you can avoid them. 

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