Water RO Purifier – Taste The Purest Form Of Water

The RO water purification technology the advanced technology used in purification and filtration on water. RO is a scientific word which has its significance, and it means Reverse Osmosis. So, water is purified by the RO is because of the reverse osmosis process. Water has to pass through a semipermeable membrane which is 0.0005 microns thick, and this semipermeable membrane removes all the dissolved harmful physical and dissolved impurities from the sea.

How Does Our Purifier Work?

The RO water purifier works on the reserve osmosis process. It has a complete assembly of instruments which works simultaneously and filters the impure and harmful water and delivers the pure and germ-free water.

Mechanism Of RO Purifier

  • Pre-filter

As the name suggests, pre that is it filters the water at the initial stage and removes large sediments and some chlorine from the sea.

  • Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is arranged just after the pre-filter, and it removes synthetic organic chemicals, natural organic compounds, bad taste, and odor from the water.

  • RO Membrane

The RO membrane is a synthetic plastic material which allows passage of water through it. The layer is 0.0005 microns thick and removes all the physical and dissolved impurities from the sea. This semipermeable membrane also removes salts like lead, fluoride, arsenic, total dissolved solids, barium, chromium, etc.

  • Post Carbon Filter

At last, we have a post-carbon filter. The function of the post-carbon filter is to remove all the contaminants in the water if they had somehow managed to pass through back processes.

These above parts are the essential parts of an RO purifier, and these must have been installed in it rather than we can also add some more elements in it to make the quality of water better.

  • Best RO Purifier Arrangement

We are fully dedicated and devoted to providing the best quality service to our customers, and so we made a unique RO purifier arrangement to serve our best. The newly designed method is:


This is the best arrangement for a water purifier. Besides the mechanism described above, we have added additional components for better working of the water purifier.

  • UV

Here UV stands for Ultra Violet and the UV kills all the pathogens and harmful micro-organisms from the water.

  • UF

UF is Ultrafiltration, and the UF removes all the small and minute particles from the water.

  • TDS

TDS or total dissolved solids removes call the solid particles from the water.

  •  RO Customer Care Service

After prolonged usage of RO purifier, there may be some defects arises in the proper functioning of the purifier. and it needs to be maintained from time to time. Otherwise, the purifier will not be able to purify the water thoroughly. and if we may drink this water, it can also cause health problems.

Why Do Purifier Requires Service

As the RO purifier is working non-stop so, there is some efficiency loss in the working of the purifier. In purifying the harmful water, the membrane of the purifier gets damaged. The salts and some minerals have to pass through the membrane, which also gives damage to the layer to some extent. The service will increase your RO life and efficiency.

How To Do RO Service Centre Works

You have to make a phone call to our RO customer care number and register yourself for the service facility. Then a technician will be allowed to you by us, and we will arrange a meeting time for you as per your desired schedule. The technician will visit your house and do whatever needed to make your device best, and after that, you will pay to us. 

AMC Service

The RO purifier gives you an Annual Maintenance Contract for domestic RO purifier. The AMC plan offers you multiple services at low costs which include service of filters, membrane, electrical parts, and replacement of faulty parts. You have to make a call to our customer care number and fix a meeting with us.

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