7 Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Less Expensive

A lush and expensive wedding can’t guarantee you a long and happy family life. Often a simple wedding ceremony without expensive decorations and golden cakes preceded a strong and harmonious family. You also need to know that a modest wedding doesn’t mean a poor wedding. You can turn your simple wedding into a cheerful, bright and unforgettable event. Here is a list of seven tips on how to make your wedding less expensive.

1. Chose the cheapest time

If you didn’t settle the date of your wedding yet, your chances to save money increase. Preparations without rush allow you to make deliberate decisions and draw up a clear plan. Moreover, you have enough time to buy a lot of things at sales but try not to grab everything. In order to save more money, it is better to choose the date of your wedding in the off-season wedding months when prices for all related services are dropping.

2. Decrease the number of guests

You need to know that if you invite more guests, you will have to pay more money. The longer this list, the more money you have to pay for the menu. If you want to avoid these additional costs, include only the closest people. Don’t feel guilty to celebrate your wedding without distant relatives you never saw even if your parents don’t approve of your decision.

3. The more DIY things, the lower the cost

Everything that you or your talented friends can create can be used for your wedding day. You can easily make invitations, seating cards, and decorations by yourself. These trifles are usually not very expensive but they can significantly consume your wedding budget. DIY things are very popular today. Hand-made invitations with beautiful ornaments and the photo of a couple can become a souvenir.

4. Rent a dress and suit

Most brides want to look like princesses on their weddings. But you don’t need to buy a wedding dress that will cost you half of your wedding budget. Look for the dress in rental stores, on the Internet, or sew it. Renting a dress will cost you a little amount of money but you can choose among thousands of dresses. You should also know that it is better to buy shoes, jewelry, and other necessary datils in ordinary stores because in specialized shops prices are usually much higher.

You can also rent a suit for the groom. Refresh it with the help of a new shirt, an elegant tie, or a stylish boutonniere. The rented suit can look good on the wedding and you will also save several hundred dollars.

5. The bride’s bouquet

Many brides can’t imagine their wedding look without a bouquet. But it is not necessary to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the flowers you need for a few hours. It would be much better (and cheap) to choose a neat and refined composition.

6. Things that you shouldn’t save on


The quality of alcohol is not the thing you should save on. Nobody wants to get poisoned or suffer from a hangover.


Despite the fact that many of your guests will try to capture your unforgettable event on their phones, it would be better to hire a professional wedding photographer NJ. This is the only way you can protect yourself from amateur slurred photographs and unsuccessful foreshortenings.

7. Things you can remove from the wedding list


The huge cake rolled out on a trolley at the end of the wedding banquet can be easily ignored or replaced with small cupcakes, cheesecakes, or other sweets. Place a little table with cupcakes and decorate it to your liking. 


Fireworks are marvelous, but they consume your budget at the same speed that they fly into the sky. You can replace them with sparklers or fire show.

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