Tips to prepare for thesis defense

The following are some of the tips provided to help the students to prepare well for thesis defense:

Attend the defense of someone else to gain more experience. Notice the things like how candidate address the examiner, how they are dressed, and the type of question asked by the committee. Seeing a live defense is the optimal way to know about the format.

Reread Your Dissertation

Re-reading the dissertation is a vital step. Since PhD is a multi-year endeavor go through all the chapters and summarize the major arguments, then zoom out regarding the dissertation as a whole. 

Prepare Your Talk

Once re-reading the thesis, the person can be in a place to put their talk together. The talk must address what the person did, why they did it, how they did it, what is implies and what was identified. Keep in mind that only 20 minutes is provided to talk. Preparation is very important, one must practice more on talking. One can take practice either on own or in front of the group.

Basic Question Types

It is not possible to guess all the question which will be asked at the time of defense so rather prepare for questions in the following usual categories such as common questions, research design and methods used, context of the work, discussion and analyses of the result. One can also familiarize themselves with the work of the committee members since they can possibly ask queries in terms of their own area of proficiency

Final Tips

Preparing for the defense must not be completely based on academics. One must not forget to prepare oneself physically as well as mentally by getting sufficient sleep, eating well and exercising.

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