Top Ranked Places to Live in Dubai! Arabian Ranches 3

When you decide to go out house hunting, you want all your facts straight before making the final purchase. There are so many factors one has to consider before saying yes to a property. There may be different dimensions for you. You may or may not have a family, and you may want a big house/ villa or just a two-bedroom apartment. You might want a gym, and a pool in your apartment building or budget constraints might limit you. You could wish to nearby schools or public transport if you don’t drive. There are so many factors that come into play before you could rent or buy a place to live.

Have a Residence in Arabian Ranches 3

Dubai, with its beaches, sun, sand, and vibrant culture, is one of the most defined places to live. It has got it all for you. It may look like a costly place for you, but Dubai has some really affordable places to live for people on a budget as well, which are no less than striking. So, if you are considering moving or taking on a new place, we have got you covered with some of the best places to live in Dubai. Arabian Ranches 3 in Dubai is the one famous for being the best place for having residence.

Where is Arabian Ranches 3 Located?

Arabian Ranches is situated in the suburban area outside the main rush of the city. It is notable for lush greenery all around and for luxurious villas and townhouses. It is a great place for families as this place also has well-maintained hospitals, schools, cafes, shops, recreational areas, and many other facilities. It is located on the Emirates Road and is a gated community. However, the price range here is on the high-end since this place has premium villas ranging from2-3 bedrooms to multi-bedroom mansions. Even the rent of residential property here is quite high. Due to its location outside of the city, you must own a car or means of transport for your own ease. However, this place gives you a great community feel and is perfect for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

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The High-End Residential Living Area

Arabian Ranches 3 is one of the most exciting places to be at and lies at the heart Dubai. It is very close to the beaches and has luxurious waterfront villa buildings. This place is great for couples and singletons and hosts a wide range of 1 bedroom, two bedrooms, and three-bedroom townhouses for different price ranges. You should definitely consider this high-end residential living area. 

A Wide Range of Luxurious Townhouses

The state area of Arabian Ranches 3 gives you a wide range of townhouses to choose from. There are catchy views of the man-made lakes and lush green spaces. This place is a lot more affordable than others. There are a number of parks, restaurants, and cafes located here. Arabian Ranches 3 holds some amazingly luxurious villa overlooking the lake. This is a great place for families and is a very peaceful place to live. This place is very close to some of the best schools, cafes, markets, and shops in Dubai. The security here is great, as this is a gated community. This place also holds a beautiful golf course.


Open your eyes to a new day with the nature lying beside you. Let your creativity do the wonders with the perfect views and scenery. Be physically fit and play outdoor games as much as you like. Whether it is tennis or cricket, Arabian Ranches 3 has a playground for you. With 4000+ luxurious properties and Villas to live in with your family at affordable prices, we have got everything for you. Arabian Ranches 3 is no wonder a best residential property to have and living an amazing and peaceful life with your family members.

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