How Come There Are Not More Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus

Something is not adding up with the Coronavirus.

I am not even sure it originated in China and was not a man made weapon of war. It certainly is destabilizing the Chinese economy, causing massive panic, killing people and many countries are now banning the Chinese from entry into their countries, which will have an enormous effect on business deals and the economic status in China. This virus is taking away their mobility, which will slow the work force down to a halt.

How do you takeout a powerhouse like China when it is at the peek of it’s power?

Hitting China with bombs would be obvious and foolish and put the world in an instant World War 3. Declaring war against China would be stupid because that means declaring World War 3. So the smart way to cripple China would be a virus that was untraceable and brought it to it’s knees.

Do we really believe this Coronavirus wasn’t a weapon?

Do we really believe this was the doing of some bad sea food and bird shit in Wuhan just because it’s ground zero?

China always deals with sea food and bird shit, so it’s just a little odd how we so easily accept this story. I am not sure the narrative is the truth, but I am sure when China finds it’s enemy it will annihilate them in secrecy maybe deploying similar tactics, so yes people I would buy a face mask and I would avoid big public places.

Do not expect bombs to be the weapons of war in the 21st Century. Man made disease is what they will use to destabilize a country and they have always done a great job.

I tried to tell people a lot of what happened in China and me coming back to America unplanned had a lot to do with the political climate of Hong Kong and China, but people did not really understand. It was just not a good time to be there.

Though China has been my fixation the last four years I wisely started looking at Japan and South Korea. China is on lock down till further notice. I would not encourage anyone to go there until this virus plays out. In hindsight, I am glad I had to come back to the US and literally recalibrate my route like a GPS because things got even more chaotic as soon as I left.

First, of all China is famous for denying people access at the airports whether you have a visa or not. The shit that goes down in China is always censored. If the world is scared of the Coronavirus we have only heard the good version of the story.

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