5 tips to creating the best animations

It isn’t an easy task to create the best animations especially in this current saturated market and industry. Given how important imagery is for human beings it is time that we take certain factors into accord and use that to our own benefit. Whether its images, GIFs or video content, human beings have been found to form an association with them and that influences them to allow the content to make an impact on their perception. Not just that, it is considered to be one of the best methods to gain attention, through the use of animations. Not only do they pique interest but engage the audience to look into the bigger picture that is being presented to them in order to connect with the solutions being offered.

However, there are certain rules and requirements that animations have to follow to boost their functionality. Not only do they require a driving force but a goal and an aim to target towards to attain sufficient clientele and following from the viewers. Which furthermore emphasizes on how effective animation videos are for marketing purposes. Businesses that made use of animations experienced a significant gain in their conversion rates and customer retention rates. Moreover, here are 5 tips that can be used to create exceptional animated videos. 

5 tips to create the ultimate animated videos 

1.Using references and researching:

Animation is a method to bring anything to life, may it be a concept or an idea you can basically give anything a physical form, making it appear natural and present in real life just like everything else around us. Notice how anything that does not follow the conventional methods and approaches appears to be the odd one out, however with animation there is no right and wrong, anything out of the ordinary can be made to appear as if it’s actually a part of our lives. 

2.Understanding drawings:

One of the essential parts to animation is to understand how to draw and along with that comes timelines and deadlines that are essential to be followed. It does not matter how intense the drawing is, even with an amateur drawing you can save your time and energy and invest them into learning skills, challenging yourself to learn animation and improving your works quality. However keep in mind that as an animation services you will be required to conceptualize your work in a manner that it expresses real life and imaginative world altogether, complementing one another. 

3.Using older methods to animate:

Before computers came into existence animations used to be much simpler where artists would draw everything by hand into different segments and fill them with colors and details. Each frame used to be crafted by hand and linked together, although it used to consume a lot of energy and time. This also required the artists to draw out storyboards to breakdown their work into different pieces. And that has inspired many current artists to implement the olden methods and work on their final pieces through similar processes, mainly by breaking down their animations key elements. 

4.Highlighting elements:

The phenomenon of highlighting elements is also known as ‘blocking’ where key features are laid down and broken down into different categories. Not only does it allow the animator to cater to each feature separately but allows them to craft the ultimate animation, one that is free flowing and without restraints. It does not end there, gaining an idea of how the final piece is going to appear becomes easier through these methods. Clients get an opportunity to review the work, whether the animation falls under their requirements or not. And that makes it easier to add alterations within the animated video before it gets launched onto an online platform. 

5.Considering timings and spaces: 

There are several factors that come into action whilst an animated video is being displayed in front of the viewer. It is the motions and movements that put viewers in awe and bewitch them to watch the content till the very end. One of those factors is timings and spaces, without which an animated video appears to be distorted and either too slow or too fast. 

By following these 5 tips you can basically create the ultimate animated video, one that grasps onto the attention of the viewer and makes a massive impact on them. You must keep in mind to strategize your video content and add features within the video that are relevant for the viewers, only then will they be interested to find themselves retained to your animated video. Last but not least, think out of the box whilst you create your animated video, anything unique is going to be an asset for the viewers and they will be most likely to cherish it that way. 

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