7 Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps You Should Know

Severe menstrual cramps are not a rare condition and many women all over the world suffer from pain during their periods. Despite the fact that many medications that can ease painful sensations, there are certain situations like allergy or inability to reach the pharmacy that can make you look for alternatives. However, you should know that painful menstruations can be a symptom of certain conditions and it is better to visit a doctor in order to exclude the possibility of disease or get the proper treatment. If your pain is not caused by diseases, you can try these seven home remedies for menstrual cramps you should know.

1. Warmer

Applying a warmer or heating pad on the lower abdomen can significantly ease pain and discomfort during your periods. The heat has a great possibility to relax muscles and this will reduce menstrual cramps. One more effective way is to lie in an embryo pose with a heating pad on your pelvic area. This position can also reduce painful sensations during menstruation.

2. Healthy diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet is important not only during menstruation. If you suffer from heavy blood flow, it is important to eat more food rich in iron. Moreover, it is important to refuse alcohol, caffeine, and salty foods because they can hold excess water in your body that will cause additional swelling. Include fruits and foods rich in fiber to your diet in order to ease the intestines work. However, it is better to avoid foods that can cause bloating because the pressure on the uterus can worsen your symptoms.

3. Exercising

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It may sound ridiculous but exercising can significantly reduce pain during periods. Exercising boosts the productions of endorphins in the body. This hormone can bring you the desired relief and cheer you up as well. In addition, mild physical activity improves blood circulation that will reduce menstrual cramps and fasten the periods. It is better to avoid power training because they can worsen your condition. You can try yoga, Pilates or simply walking.

4. Lavender oil and massage

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Lavender oil has a lot of beneficial properties. You can use its anesthetic effect in order to relieve menstrual cramps. Slight self-massage with few drops of lavender oil can reduce painful sensations in the lower abdomen. However, you should be careful and don’t cause excessive pressure on your uterus. Your main task is to relax the uterus muscles and relieve pelvic pain.

5. Aromatherapy

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Essential oils are extracts obtained from plants. Aromatherapy has a great ability to relieve muscles. The essential oil of orange relaxes and calms. Bergamot oil reduces tension and depression. Peppermint oil relaxes and fills with energy. Ylang-ylang oil relieves tension and reduces symptoms of fatigue. You can use a special aroma lamp or just take a cup of boiling water and add a few drops of essential oil. It is also beneficial to combine aromatherapy with yoga or breathing techniques.

6. Sexual intercourse

Many people avoid sex during menstruation for hygienic reasons. However, sexual intercourse can ease your painful sensations and cheer you up. The reality is that orgasm increases the production of endorphins that are natural painkillers. Orgasm can also relieve menstrual cramping because it causes the uterine muscles to contract and release. This weakens the constant tension of the uterus muscles during your periods. There are many ways to have sex during menstruation. You can visit a shower for this purpose or put a towel on the bed in order not to stain linens.

7. Relaxation techniques

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There are a lot of relaxation techniques that can ease your menstrual cramps. Stress reduction has a lot of benefits to our health like the possibility to relieve pain and fill the body with energy. It reduces muscle tension and increases blood blow that eliminates pain during menstruation.

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