9 Music Industry Trends to look out for in the New Decade

The 2010s are now behind us, and there is a lot of excitement as we usher in the 2020s. The dawn of a new decade comes with immense possibilities, and the music industry is not slacking. It’s been reported that the global music earnings have hit the $20 billion mark, which means that the music industry is progressive. In the coming ten years, we expect these changes to brace the trade.

1.Virtual Reality and Music Will Merge

Virtual Reality (VR) is the new hype in town. Slowly but surely, it is seeping into our daily lives. Consumers are beginning to see the merits of VR and will embrace it entirely soon. VR has not only improved in terms of what it offers, but it is also gaining massive popularity. Considering all these reasons, we don’t see why virtual reality won’t dominate the music scene. Prominent artists like Gorillaz have already used VR in their videos. Also, Facebook 360 is doing pretty well.

2.There will be More Animated Videos

 We are past the era of having videos with people in them. In this coming era, we are bound to see more animated videos than there have ever been. The animation technique is not only chic but also a distinctive style that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers. When used in music videos, animation can achieve a dream-like sequence that you cannot attain when real people shoot a video. The use of modern Bobbleheads is also likely to increase. There is an array of Bobblehead designs on bobbleheadninja.com/. Bobblehead Ninja offers customized plans, which means that anybody can have the bobblehead of choice. Therefore, artists can consult with Bobblehead Ninja to have customized Bobbleheads for their music videos. The Bobblehead designs by Bobblehead Ninja are vast, which means that music fans will enjoy an array of creativity. The new decade seems interesting for music lovers!

3.Radio Will be Outdated

Statistics have it that younger audiences have abandoned radio, and they prefer to stream. Only thirty-nine percent of teenagers listen to a music radio, while fifty-six percent prefer YouTube. Considering that they will be adults in this generation, we expect to see sharper shifts towards streaming. “Generation Z” might cause the death of the radio. It is likely to get worse because podcasts are slowly growing into the next Netflix. Although most podcasts are geared towards the young generation, some content creators are starting to cater to older audiences.

4.The Way We Consume Music Will Change

In the past decade, we would wait for recommendations from friends before listening to a song. However, now we have all sorts of suggestions popping up from several applications. Alexa, Spotify, and YouTube are some of the sources for what we should stream. Now, we can update our playlist every day because the music market is open to all. Another change is in the power of choosing the medium through which you will enjoy your favorite song. We no longer depend on CDs and DVDs for audio and videos.

5.A New Africa

It was only recently when an African song popped up on an international chart. If this was surprising, prepare for more surprises in the coming decade. African millennials are hitting their knots right, and we expect great music in the future. One of the most notable artists is Nigerian’s Burna Boy, whose fame has risen tremendously over the past few years. While he is from Africa, his music wouldn’t fit in the Afropop category, but rather general pop.

6.Artists Will Focus on Alternative Income sources

Making money from music was the “in thing”, but that’s no longer the case. For countless years in a row, we have seen stars turning to alternative money-making businesses. In the coming decade, we expect to see more of this. Singers are no longer known for their voice alone, but their overall brand. That is why major label artists are focusing on things like licensing, touring, and merchandise sales. Either way, musicians will remain rich because they have the skill, art, talent, and brand power.

7.More Artificial Intelligence Will Come to Play

Less than a year ago, Warner Music introduced an algorithm that makes mood music so that the user can ride the waves of emotions and attitudes as they prefer. The technology is called Endel, and it has already signed for 20 music albums. The application considers the general tone and is yet to feature vocals. With such emerging trends, we can predict that there will be more of such in the new decade. Artificial intelligence will soon be a useful tool to help people to join audio artistry for the first time. Artists are likely to embrace technology by allowing artificial intelligence to make songwriting easier. What does this mean to the audience? We expect to have lots of music and artists in the scene. Prepare for the new era, where you have a difficult time choosing your favorite musician.

8.Genres will be a Thing of the Past

Tim and Nelly were among the few musicians to ever cross over to another kind. While their move seems like a big deal, that won’t be the case in this coming decade. The reason is that people are no longer into what genre the song is categorized. It will result in artists having more power over what they can sing without fearing criticism or to disappoint their fanatics.

9.Music Promotion Tactics Will Shift

If you feel like the latest technology, gadgets and platforms are hard to follow, that is because they are. Music consumers are discovering and listening to songs differently from how they would back then. Therefore, we expect that artists will respect the changes and switch their promotion tactics. After all, if they don’t focus on the user, we might never know that they released a song.  

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