Main Things to Consider When Choosing Upon a Commercial Storefront

When you decide to renovate the existing business or start a new one on your own it might be quite exciting and exhausting at the same time. As far as you know, the first impression that people get is crucially important. Therefore, choosing the right storefront can be a major driver for sales opportunities. While making a decision regarding the storefront, you can choose from a number of options. The most common ones are glass storefront and traditional walls. 

However, it should be said that the glass storefront offers a number of advantages in comparison to other options. First of all, glass allows the natural light to go through, making the space brighter and more comfortable to the eyes and soul of your customers. Another important advantage of glass storefront is the ability to make use of window shopping. In the case of a restaurant, a glass storefront will allow you to show hospitality and foods that it offers to all the people outside. 

Storefront windows are crucial for business success. It is considered an invitation, which allows people to view the merchandise and determine the atmosphere inside. Glass storefront can also make a huge impact on your store’s appearance, energy efficiency, and security. Before making any modifications to your storefront, you should consider the following factors: 

Energy Efficiency 

Even though the glass storefront offers a number of advantages in terms of interior design it can also bring some disadvantages. The main one is energy efficiency. Sunlight can heat up the interior of your business, which in turn could lead to higher costs as you will need to use an air conditioner. Therefore, before making a decision on the storefront consider the energy efficiency aspect. 


Glass storefront might be very attractive for your customers, but it also stimulates a number of different risks. Just a few cracks in the window can lead to an intruder gaining access to your business. Furthermore, if you have any products displayed on your storefront, they might be able to break the window and take the merchandise without even the need to go inside. 

You should also consider the weather conditions. Storefront windows can be broken if you live in an area, which is prone to tornadoes and hurricanes. However, you can always limit this risk and purchase a more expensive option. There are different types of security glass, which can protect you from bad weather conditions. Even if the glass brakes it will not shatter in pieces but will rather hold together.  

Sun damage 

Another aspect to be considered is sun damage. Extreme sunlight can make damage to the fabric and other materials. As a result, these materials can fade over time. In addition to that, if you display clothing merchandise on your storefront, significant sunlight can change their appearance.

The possible solution to this challenge is double-paned-windows. You can also make use of a tint film, which will allow blocking damaging elements. You should be aware that only professionals can apply it to your window in the way that it will not visible. In this case, you will also avoid air bubbles. 


Most probably you want to make use of the benefits of natural light that glass storefront provides. But you also want to respect the privacy of your employees and customers. You can use frosted glass as one way to achieve privacy. This type of glass has a cloudy and frosty appearance. It makes the glass less transparent, which helps to maintain privacy. Additionally, this type of glass does not block the sunlight and you will still get pleasing and warm visual that comes with natural light. 

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