5 Ways To Design Your Website A User-Friendly

Your website is like your CV and your office at the same time. By your CV, I mean that you may not always be online while people are viewing or assessing it. Talking about your website being your office, this is where people go to when they need information about you, your business, to make enquiries and complaints. Either way you choose to see it, they both boil down to the fact that your website is very important. Thanks to the level of ecommerce and woocommerce product bundles, you can run a business with your website even when you do not have a physical shop or office. It is not surprising that firms outsource this delicate task to a good woocommerce price by country.

This is because they want their website to be in the best possible shape. They want people to enjoy visiting their website. A good ecommerce development company will tell you that a website is only as good as how much it’s users enjoy using it. If your website is not your user’s playground, then you still need to put in some serious work. Your website should embrace your users and make them want to revisit your website. Below are some ways on how to make your website more user friendly.

By regularly updating valuable content

The keywords in this point are “regular” and “valuable”. Your website will hardly grow if you lack either or both of them. It does not matter what you use your website for, you need these two features for your website. You need to give yourself a timeline when you will regularly update contents on your website. The timeline should not be too short neither should it be too long. This way you do not keep your users waiting for too long while you keep them in enough suspense that will make them jump at your next update.

By optimizing it for mobile users

I do not want to imagine that there are websites out there that are guilty of this. Despite the fact that I do not want to admit it, it is unfortunate that I am running away from the truth. A lot lf websites are optimized for mobile viewing. These websites are losing serious amounts of prospects while web users are also missing out on some information because they have mobile devices. Ensure your website is mobile friendly by optimizing it for mobile view or having both the mobile and desktop view.

By not stocking it with images

I was wondering if I should say “by not slowing it down” instead of above subheading. Either ways, the point still remains the same. Images carry space (data) and the more you have them on your website the slower your website will load. Before using images on your website, optimize them by resizing them and reduce the space they will take up. Even with optimization, minimize the use of images on your website. If it is not passing an information across then it should not be there.

By updating discussion based content and creating means for feedback

This is very important for every website. Most websites usually downplay this aspect and believe that it is only blogs that need it. People love to contribute and giving them an avenue to do so will endear them to you. Websites with discussion forums, comments section and other discussion enhancing features tend to have more traffic than those that do not have this feature. So try to spice things up a little by talking less and giving room to your users to speak as well. The fact that social media websites are one of the websites with the highest traffic speaks volumes about this point.

By making navigation easy

The highest number of clicks a web user should make before he or she locates what he or she needs should not be more than three. Your navigation should be very simple for an average individual ti understand. Nobody will continue to use your website if they need to read a manual to navigate through it. Identify related content and put them as sub headings under a heading that covers them. This way web users will have no difficulty locating what they want.

It is very important to make your website user friendly as the amount of traffic you get determines how well your website is faring. This will also determine how much revenue you are likely to generate.

Author Bio – Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), Elabelz.com , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing . 

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