How to Prepare a Child for a Visit to the Dentist’s Office?

Most parents face a problem with the first dental check-up. An unprepared child can be scared and refuse to undergo an examination. That’s why it is important to know how to make the visit to the dentist successful and reduce not only the child’s stress but the adult’s panic as well. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare a child for a visit to the dentist’s office.

For most parents, a child’s first dental checkup is stressful. An unprepared child can be scared and refuse to undergo the examination. It is important to know how to make the visit to the dentist successful and reduce not only the child’s stress but, the adult’s panic as well. Below, we tell you how to prepare for your child’s first visit to the dentist’s office.

When to visit the dentist?

The first visit to the dentist’s office will be much calmer if the baby’s first meeting with the doctor is performed at an early age. It should take place with the first teeth eruption. Despite the fact that the baby may have no problems with its teeth, it is better to undergo routine examinations every three months. The child will remember that the dentist is not scary and will not panic when help is actually required.

Tooth fairy

First of all, you should tell the child that a visit to the pediatric dentist will help relieve the toothache and keep the teeth healthy. Children usually perceive the information better if you will tell it in the form of a story about fairy-tale characters. You can talk about a good tooth fairy, who will defeat bad microbes with the help of a magic wand (a special device) and help his or her teeth to grow beautiful.

An interesting and fascinating story about what awaits the child in the dentist’s office will help to avoid hysteria during the appointment. Try to tell as much as possible about the entire upcoming procedure and the doctor’s actions. Tell your child about the tools in the dental office and which devices the doctor will use. Explain how to behave during dental treatment (for example, to sit calmly, open your mouth wide, listen to a good doctor, etc).

Your main task is to help your baby understand that the dental examination and treatment are important procedures that will help keep his or her teeth healthy and beautiful for a long time. Be sure to highlight that you will always be with your child in the dentist’s office. You can also promise some encouragement after the dental examination.

Don’t lie to your child 

If you want your baby to be positive at the dentist’s office, don’t say that he or she should brush the teeth in order to avoid meeting with the dentist. Don’t talk about pain during dental treatment. However, if the child asks whether treatment will hurt, don’t lie about it. If you tell your child that the doctor won’t do anything, you will undermine his or her trust. It is better to say that most likely, the treatment will be a little unpleasant. It is also important to avoid visiting a dentist’s office during the hours when the child usually sleeps.

Before the visit

A visit to the dental doctor requires some preparation. First of all, be sure that your child brushed his or her teeth. If the child doesn’t know how to brush teeth independently, you should help him or her to do this. It would be better to eat before the upcoming treatment since eating is not recommended for 2-3 hours after dental restorations.

During the visit

If it is possible, stay close to your child during the dental examination or treatment. Let your child hold your hand or at least see you. Encourage him or her to stay brave and calm. After the procedure, don’t forget to admire his or her courage. You can also tell relatives and friends that your child had a successful visit to the dentist’s office. Your child will not be afraid of dental check-ups anymore.

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