Male hair: how to give a proper hair care?

Every people love to have beautiful, and healthy hair. If you want to take care of your hair, you should maintain some necessary care because stress, UV rays, pollution, and rich diet greatly damage the health of the hair, and leave the hair with an ugly, and lifeless feeling. In fact, hair care begins with taking care of one’s own diet, that is, everything we eat may or may not help maintaining shiny, and silky hair. This is why we should use proper hair care product which has vital nutrients, and protein. 

What good is a conditioner for men?

Not only girls need a conditioner for hair care, but men too. This is why some brands manufacture this product in a masculine line which makes all the difference. After all, men, and women have different characteristics, and each one needs different compositions. This is the first tip on how to choose conditioner for men. After a bath with a specific shampoo using a mild conditioner is useful to protect the hair. It will nourish, moisturize, repair the broken tips, soften and shine the hair. 

How to choose a conditioner for men?

Well, the first step is to know your hair type, and based on this specific point you will be able to choose the perfect conditioner for men. Below we have separated some information to help you. Check it out.

Greasy hair-it is necessary to choose a conditioner that balances the oiliness, and does not leave that aspect “greasy”.

Dry hair- The recommendation is to opt for a conditioner that moisturizes, and nourishes the hair, and provides a more intense shine.

What is the right way to apply the product?

You will use about half a tablespoon of the Tigi Bed Head for Men Clean up Peppermint Conditioner. Just go through the full length of the wires, and massage it in your hair. Hold on for 3-5 minutes, and rinse your hair with water. It can help repairing the obvious indications of harm caused by ecological variables. It contains Vitamins E, C and B7 which help securing scalp so it looks, and feels more advantageous

Do daily wash

Male hair is usually oilier than female hair. This is why it is very important to wash your hair every day. As washing helps control greasiness. Wash should be done with warm or cold water, as very hot water can contribute to increase the greasiness of the hair.


A good brush that is unique to your use also greatly helps in the beauty of the hair. Avoid those with very hard bristles that hurt, and break the wires. Start by taking care of your food. Avoid fatty foods and excess sugar to keep your hair health healthy.

Hair Cut

Do not stay long without cutting your hair. The tip is the part of the hair that suffers the most, and so it dries, and breaks forming the double strand. If you keep a shaving routine every two to three months, you will find that even the ends of your hair will look more beautiful. Frequent cutting helps make hair look prettier, and softer and shinier.

Hydrate sporadically

Several external factors such as sun, pool chlorine, pollution and seawater make the hair dry. Try using moisturizer or a hair care mask twice in a month to keep your hair hydrated, and alive. Avoid doing any chemical process on your hair alone. The professional hairdresser is ideal for making the long-awaited colour change, straightening, streaking or whitening. Doing it alone can lead to some undesirable reaction, or even a result that you do not like.

Rubber bands and clips

Continued use of tied hair also causes the hair to break, and leave a bad appearance on the hair. If you choose to tie your hair, do it with fabric elastic, and avoid pinching every day. Many men love wearing caps, berets and hats, but these accessories can make it difficult for the scalp to breathe, and consequently make the hair greasy, and even develop dandruff or hair fall.

Use best products to your hair type

There are several types of male hair such as oily, dry, straight, curly, dyed, natural, etc. Each types of hair needs suitable product. This is why it is very important to choose the right product for the right type. Whereas, you can use Tigi Bed Head for Men Clean up Peppermint Conditioner to your hair type because it can be used for any hair type. It is a lightweight conditioner for men. Opt for good shampoo which has conditioning features. Observe which type of hair the product is most suitable for. You can ask your hairdresser to help you. This professional knows the best products available on the market, and can refer you to a good product.


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