Planning for a new product to launch in the market or a superstore? In either case, it will be a tough call, as you need to be unique and a step ahead to the market trend to improve sales. So, if you are planning to make a mark in the market, then I have an excellent solution for you all, the display boxes. 


If you want to showcase your product to the customer, then the counter display box is the best solution. No matter whatever product you sell, cosmetic or edible, these boxes will help your product get customer’s attention.  Besides, it is an impeccable idea to promote your product, along with introducing new products in the market. We see some counter display boxes daily in numerous stores, such as the cosmetics both you often see in different stores or the small trial counter of a new product, all of these are examples of the counter display box. Besides, all the brands planning to launch new products in the market use these counter display boxes to display their product in super stores and big departmental stores. 


The custom display box is readily available in numerous shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. The process is quite simple, all you need is to book an appointment with a reliable packaging company, such as Dawn Printing, and put forward your demand. The brand will provide a counter display box to match up your demand. However, make sure you are clear with your demand so that the producer can create a product replicating your demand. 


I am sure, you all are aware of the harmful side effects of toxic shades; therefore, your foremost choice should be to opt for some none harmful colors, such as soy and vegetable color to save yourself and your environment. 

Now, if you want to opt for an environment-friendly material, then you should go for the cardboard. So, machines help you to cut a cardboard box as the primary step of creating a stunning box. Later, the manufacturer’s cut another box to fit in the big box. The next step of the counter display box is to print the card as per the design customers approve. You can use endless possibilities here, such as seeking numerous fun themes, templates, colors, and designs.

Moreover, you can also use your artistic mind to suggest some quirky designs to make the box standout amongst the rest. Soon after the company is ready with printing, the manufacturers apply a layer to prevent the box from UV rays. Besides, there is nothing better than having a ball time with colors; hence, you can use a bunch of fun shades. 


We all are aware of the purpose of the UV layer, which is protecting the box from damaging sunlight. However, this is not the end of it, the box also gets a lamination sheet to protect from water and any damage.

Now, you get two types of lamination sheet

  • A lamination sheet that fits well
  • Second lamination sheet providing the glossy effect to the box

Now, you need to attach the boxes, and there is nothing better than glue to connect them. Even though there are a couple of options, such as tape or stapler, it won’t work, so all you need is to place smaller parts on the large parts. 


Now, let us get down to some of the advantages of the display box:

  • In the retail industry, the counter display box is an impeccable choice to catch the buyer’s eye
  • These stunning boxes promote impulsive sales so that you get some extra bucks in back account
  • You do not necessarily have to look for a special section; instead, it can fit anywhere
  • You can also use them as a marketing campaign for your forthcoming product in the market
  • The display boxes are powerful enough to get the clientele’s attention, simply place it on the counter, and the buyer will not give a second though before buying 
  • In addition to the existing choices, you can also use these boxes to present your new arrival to the customers

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