7 IT security trends to follow in 2020

The digital world is an ever-changing one. Years ago, features such as woocommerce smart coupons, woocomerce mix and match did not exist. However, as we speak, woocomerce plugins are revolutionizing the world of eCommerce.there are also factors influencing IT security trends. These factors will determine the course of action IT security investors will take to adjust to changes. With time comes trends and with trends come changes. If you cannot adjust to trends, you will not be able to survive. Here are seven IT security trends to follow in 2020 if you want to stay on top of your cyber security.

Two-factor authentication and verification will become a norm

Many people are beginning to know about two-factor authentication and regulation but not so many people are using it. Even at that, its use is already fast growing. Many apps and websites are already using them, even the social ones. In 2020, it will become more of a requirement than a security advantage in a bid to curb data theft and hacking.

Use of Artificial Intelligence for regulation

For so long, people have been using artificial intelligence for protecting their data. It has been more of a shield than a sword. The year 2020 will see it complain of taking hits for too long. Artificial intelligence will serve as both a shield and a sword when it comes to data security. It will serve for both attack as well as defense.

Automation to reduce human error

Hackers need a loophole, weakness or error in a system with which they can breach and steal your data. In other words, you play a role in the process of hacking. One way you do this is by allowing human error come to play. With machine learning and automation, you can reduce the chance of a hack by removing the human error. All you need do is set up your system and program it to work without human interference.

Cloud technology will become a target

It is no news that blockchain and cloud technology is daily earning the truth of data enthusiast. Many people are turning to cloud technology for security of their data. So far, it has not meant well for hackers. So far, all seems well with cloud technology with very few attacks turning out to be successful. In 2020, more hackers will direct their attacks on cloud based data storage. You may want to take every security instruction your cloud security vendor provides you with seriously.

Increase in the budget and cost of cyber security

To tell you the truth, data security has not been cheap. Every secure method of safeguarding your data cost a significant sum of money. From software to entire systems, cyber security commands a lump sum of money. This is very much not going to change. In fact, the cost of cyber security will increase even further as the new methods of data security will be even more expensive.

Increasing awareness and emphasis on data security

Many people do not take the following information seriously: instructions, terms and conditions. Most often than not, we are quick to click on the “accept” button and proceed to the next stage. With the issues of incessant hacks, that is about to change. People will no longer permit third party apps to make use of their information without ensuring that it is safe to do so. Awareness and emphasis on data security will increase. The matter of remote access will also be very limited if not entirely scrapped out.

Cyber-attacks on public infrastructure to increase

Attacks on public systems is not something you regularly hear of.  The focus is more at private enterprises. Government agencies should not think that they are safe yet. Hackers will try to work their tricks on government owned enterprises. They are already starting with local governments and will climb up the ladder in no time.

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