Financial Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

How stable are you financially? Will you be able to meet needs without struggling if a financial emergency presents itself? Is your future financially secured? If your answer is ‘no’, you need to create a personal financial planning strategy now because it’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. 

You must create a sound and reliable retirement plan – and the major part of that plan is avoiding the most common financial mistakes that people make. Read on to know what they are. 

Ignoring Retirement Planning – It’s a common tendency to procrastinate retirement planning. But when retirement approaches, putting off financial planning for retirement becomes their biggest regret. Moreover, many people hope to fall back on Social Security but the truth is that it won’t let you maintain the lifestyle you currently have. So, start planning for your retirement because it’s never too early. Save as much as you can and invest in a retirement plan. Doing both will certainly help you have a smooth retirement. 

Digging into Your Savings for Unnecessary Expenses – Savings are for emergencies and yet I have seen many people put a huge dent in their savings to buy fancy, depreciating products. If you’re digging into your savings for such expenses, know that you can’t afford them as of now. 

You can consider taking a personal line of credit if you have to get that latest gadget or send off your son to college with a brand new car or buy anything that your budget doesn’t allow. This way you can pay installments from your monthly income without breaking the bank. 

Living Life Without a Budget – I have advised many people around personal financial planning during my career and the number of people who live paycheck to paycheck without a budget is disquieting. What if there’s an emergency? Or what if you lose a steady job and struggle with maintaining a regular flow of income? Such events can be devastating. So, it’s better to plan your finances in advance, set a budget, and stick to it. 

While you set a budget, keep these things in mind: 

  • Your goals should be realistic. 
  • Your needs and wants should be separated so that you stop immediately if you find yourself losing focus. 
  • Seasonal expenses should be added to the budget.
  • Your budget should be improved every month. 

Not Getting Valuable Things Insured – Be it your home, car, or health, anything that’s valuable to you should be insured. Many people think of insurance as an unnecessary expense but in reality, it’s a great investment that covers potential liabilities in times of emergency. In exchange for an affordable premium every month, you can rest assured that you will be covered if an unfavorable situation presents itself. 

Moreover, make sure that you invest in life insurance as soon as possible because death and disabilities can never be predicted.  

Not Being Proactive – I have seen people avoid situations or conversations that they are slightly uncomfortable with. For example, couples sometimes tend to avoid conversations that involve finances. And this could have you regretting since you could avoid certain financial scenarios if you paid attention and talked about it. 

Another example is not going through terms and conditions when buying insurance. Often people rely so much on their insurance policies that they completely misunderstand what exactly the insurance company is liable to pay for. Carelessness like this can cause you to bear huge expenses that you might have been covered for out of your pocket. So, stay informed so that you can plan ahead of time. 


If you make sound decisions now, you can stay financially stable in the future. So, avoid these mistakes and do what’s needed without procrastinating.

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