Difference Between Ocean Liner and Cruise Ship

Each year the average cruise ship.That’s about three and a half trips around the world or more than a third of the way to the moon!

The ocean liner, when it was launched in 1906, was the on the sea.

So what exactly is the difference between a cruise ship and an ocean liner?

Keep reading this guide to learn exactly what they are and what the differences between an ocean liner vs cruise ship entail.

What Is a Cruise Ship?

A cruise ship is a large ship that’s used for transporting passengers typically on vacation. They’re usually round-trip voyages that embark from a particular port and have a destination where the passengers can get off and enjoy.

The destination is typically the factor that draws people in. Popular destinations include:

  • The Caribbean
  • Hawaii
  • Europe
  • The Bahamas
  • And Asia

Though some cruises don’t visit any ports called “nowhere voyages,” they’re two to three-night round trips.

When cruise ships dock at a port of call, the passengers can get off and enjoy some of the amenities that are offered at that location. Depending on the location, passengers can choose from a variety of activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sightseeing, watersports, and other adventures.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association Inc, the total worldwide output of the cruise line industry was $134 billion in 2017. That includes 26.7 million passengers, 1,108,676 jobs, and $45.6 billion in wages and salaries.

Are you considering taking a cruise?

What Is an Ocean Liner?

An ocean liner is a ship that carries passengers and cargo to a destination across the sea or ocean. When a cargo vessel is running on a schedule, it’s sometimes referred to as a liner.

To withstand rough sea conditions, ocean liners are typically built using thick hull plating and a high freeboard. Often, ocean liners have ample storage for cargo, fuel, food, and sometimes mail for longer trips.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution around the 19th century, countries were beginning to colonize and trade, bringing about the need for a safe way to travel and connect to other counties. The Black Ball Line, in 1818, was the first company to offer passenger service from England to the U.S.

Difference Between Ocean Liner vs Cruise Ship

Both ships carry passengers and are forms of transportation on the ocean, so what’s the difference between a cruise ship vs. ocean liner?

Starting with the design, ocean liners are built to withstand rough sea conditions with thicker hull plating and a higher freeboard.

Cruise ships are designed to be more like a floating hotel rather than a machine built to cross the ocean in dangerous conditions. In other words, ocean liners are meant to transport passengers and cargo from one point to another. Cruise ships are designed to take passengers to multiple ports for the sole purpose of enjoyment, and then return to the same port they began the journey.

The differences between a cruise ship vs ocean liner are minimal, but the real difference comes down to what the ships were built to do.

For More Comparatives

Now you know what the differences are between an ocean liner vs cruise ship. Even though they have similar features and both operate on the sea, they’re built for two completely different purposes.

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