How to Organize Computer Files and Folders in a Way That Makes Sense

Is your computer a complete mess when it comes to your files, folders, and documents? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help with a guide to practices you can use to organize your files in a way that allows for productivity and efficiency.

Proper file computer organization is a great habit to pick up to make your life easier, especially if you work from or with your computer frequently. Making it easier to find and file documents will keep you organized while saving time. Keep reading for some solutions on how to organize computer files so that you can tidy this area up.

Stay Organized by Going Minimal

First things first, your desktop should be a place that is clean and displays a nice image, not a place that is covered in files. A home screen full of cluttered folders is sure to cause immediate stress and disorganization the minute you open your screen.

When creating folders, you will want to go minimal as well. Try creating an effective hierarchy with your folder organization. You may come to realize you only need a few folders to organize your files into.

Name Your Folders and Files Strategically

Putting some thought into how you’ll name your files and folders will help them become easier to find. You can do this by using simple keywords that will help you to find a file when you need it. A great way to do this is to think of what keywords will come to your mind the next time you’re looking for a certain file or folder.

For example, when storing a billing document on your computer, consider naming it by incorporating the date, the company the bill is from, and the file type, in this case, being “bill”. Using these specifics will help you to keep documents organized and labeled. It’s a good idea to choose a name for a document that allows you to know what the contents are before you even open it.

By keeping up with an organizational process for your files and folders, you can easily search on Mac, Microsoft, or any other computer with a complete computer search option. This will help you keep things organized, allowing you to find things you need in a matter of seconds.

Consider Using a Sync Service

File syncing services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive can be a great way to access all of your documents across multiple devices. This is a great way to work and stay productive no matter where you are or what device your working on. This is also a great way to share your files and documents with other members on your team.

Using one of these services doesn’t mean that you can’t keep anything personal on your computer. You can easily put certain files into your syncing services storage space, and leave others on your computer to keep them private.

Divide Personal and Business Documents

If you use your computer for both personal and business-related documents, you will want to make sure you have these areas separated and designated. This is a great way to avoid potential mix-ups or cross over with these documents. Create two separate home folders, one titled “personal” and the other “business” or “work”.

Personal Document Organization

The organization of your personal file will mostly be based on your personal preferences and needs. Think of how you mentally divide up your life to come up with simple sub-folder names. Some ideas for organizational file categories for personal documents are keywords such as “Health”, “Home”, “Vehicle” or “Travel”.

Pick an organization style that mimics how you mentally organize things to find documents with ease. If you use a task management system, try mimicking the style you use there to keep things unified.

Business Document Organization

Similarly to your personal documents, your business document organization will depend on what makes sense for your industry, job role, and company. If you have a team that you are building or one that is going virtual, consider getting together to create an organizational structure that works for everyone. This will help to keep everyone on the same page, allowing for more organization company-wide.

Consider organizing your files by project, client, or type of work. A great way to keep your file space focused on current work is to create an archive folder for completed projects or work. This will allow you to access these documents if you should need them, but they won’t be taking up space you should be utilizing for current work.

For help when it comes to organizing your files and creating a hierarchy system, try doing some brainstorming. A great way to do this is to get with your team and map out your companies day-to-day functioning. This will help you to organize documents by teams and who uses what for easy file finding and sharing.

Your Guide on How to Organize Computer Files

Now that you know some easy solutions on how to organize computer files you can make sure that your computer is organized in a way that works with every sector of your life. Make sure you can easily find and access documents by making an organizational structure that works for you. Doing so can help you stay more productive and efficient by allowing you to find what you need without the stress and hassle.

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